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January 18, 2021 at 1.53pm by in Slavic Women
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Today I’d like to give you some very good questions to ask Eastern European ladies when you are dating. You are welcome. 😊

Ask questions that can reveal her values.

The ideal candidate and you should have the same values (or at least similar / compatible values). So, here is a list of questions that can achieve this for you:

1. “What is your No. 1 principle to live by?”

Her No. 1 rule is the most important value in her life. If she highly values vacations but you work all day every day, then you two are probably not the right match.

2. “What does a typical weekend look like in your reality?”

If she spends every weekend going shopping but you don’t like it, then you two probably don’t have the same/compatible lifestyle preferences, so you will need to move on.

3. “Would you rather be twice as intelligent or twice as happy?”

No matter which option she prefers, you should totally ask her to explain or justify her choice! You will know more about this Eastern European lady as a result.

4. “What is the last book you absolutely loved?”

If you show me your bookshelf, I will know what kind of person you are. 😉

Therefore, an Eastern European woman’s favorite book tells you so much about who she really is.

Ask engaging questions.

Dating is supposed to be fun and engaging. Make sure each date is joyful by asking the following questions:

1. “What’s something weird that you find so attractive?”

This question introduces novelty and excitement to the date, so it’s a great question. It also allows the Eastern European woman to talk about something that she normally wouldn’t talk about with people, so it’s an effective way for you to build emotional connection with her.

2. “What is the last concert you went to?”

It doesn’t matter which concert she says; all you need to do is to say this to her, “That’s fantastic. Guns N’ Roses are coming here for a concert soon. We should totally attend that concert!” Now you have another date with this woman from Eastern Europe. 😊

3. “What is your guilty pleasure?”

Maybe she likes buffalo chicken wings or Celine Dion’s sentimental love songs. Don’t laugh at her. If you laugh at her, she will feel judged and won’t share her secrets with you anymore in the future.

Just let her talk and you pay attention & listen to her.

Ask her unusual questions (this section is only for men who are very experienced in the dating department):

A caveat: Note that if you aren’t experienced in the dating department, the following questions are probably not for you to ask because the risk is higher. That being said, higher risk also means high reward. 😉

1. “When was your last relationship?”

The reason you should ask her this question is because you need to find out the way she handles challenges in relationships. If she has bad comments on her ex, it’s a huge red flag because it means she is not a mature woman.

2. “If you can go back in time, what is the advice you would give the 25-year-old you?”

When you ask her this question, please don’t look like a teacher. You are supposed to be her romantic partner rather than her teacher. Her answer will show you lots of insights.

3. “What is the first thing you would like to do if you were a man for one day?”

This question is fun and her answer will show you the way she looks at different genders, but please don’t make yourself look like a clown while asking the Eastern European woman this question. Remember: avoid talking about sensitive topics if you aren’t good at handling them.

4. “What is the biggest deal breaker on a date?”

You can ask her this question if you know the date is going pretty well. The Eastern European lady’s answer will tell you what she can’t put up with, thereby showing you her standards.

Other questions:

Of course, there are many other questions that you can ask the Eastern European lady:

1. “How do you know you’re in love with a man?”

A woman’s intuition is very powerful. See if she trusts her intuition or not.

2. “What’s the most important thing in your life currently?”

This question will reveal her priorities in life right now. The ideal candidate’s blueprint and your blueprint must be compatible.

3. “Is there anything that you’d like to ask me?”

Dating is a two-way street!

“These questions will surely add flavors to each date.”

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