High-value Eastern European women only date their equals

June 10, 2021 at 9.31am by in Slavic Women
Eastern European women

Many years ago, when Australian singer Darren Hayes was interviewed by a TV show host, Darren said his partner is definitely his equal (not his fan). Then I got this conclusion: Celebrities don’t date their fans; celebrities only date their equals. Similarly, very beautiful women don’t date their fans; they only date their equals. So, if you are chatting with a high-value Eastern European woman online, you shouldn’t be complimentary too early. (Don’t look like a fan at the beginning of the interaction.)

  • How to increase your perceived value:

Dating experts state that you need to make a woman feel that your value is actually higher because a lot of women want to date someone they don’t even deserve. 😉 Well, not all women are consciously aware of that, but it’s the basic female psychology: women want to date men who are more successful than themselves so that men can protect women.

Now the question is: how can you increase your perceived value?

Answer: You can increase your perceived value in different ways: 1) If she asks you three questions in one text message, you only answer two questions in your response. 2) When you are on a date with her and the interaction goes well, you can say, “There is some mascara here” while naturally removing it from her face. 3) If she wears a black dress, you can ask her, “Why do you wear a black dress today?”

The mascara and the black dress examples indicate: A) You aren’t criticizing her appearance. B) She wonders whether she is beautiful enough for you, so she will work harder to please you. That’s a combination of being kind and being alpha (aggressive) at the same time. Obviously, this piece of advice is for men who have “the nice guy syndrome”.😊

Eastern European women
  • What to do if conversations fall off (advice for men who have “the nice guy syndrome”):

If you chatted with some women on a dating site and the conversations fall off because they are not responding to your messages even though you have already followed up, you have to move on.

Usually, when a conversation stopped, it’s harder to re-engage because those women already have an understanding of how “nice” you are – most women that you’ve chatted with already feel that if someone picks a fight with you in a bar, a woman will have to hide you behind her back. Hence, it’s better to start conversations with new women.

  • How to get rid of “the nice guy syndrome”:

First of all, instead of asking yes/no questions such as “Can we date?”, you should ask more ‘wh’-questions such as “When should we meet this weekend?”

Second, please note that different women respond to different things. If you only send “Hi! How are you?” to every Eastern European woman you chat with on a dating site, you could be a bit boring. But it doesn’t mean you have to comment on something on her dating profile when you start a conversation either. Please let me explain.

If a woman’s dating profile has nothing interesting in it, you can simply say “Hi Dallas. How are you?” If her profile has nothing interesting but you still comment on something about her profile, you will become too nice. Nevertheless, if her profile has something interesting in it, you can comment on that.

Next, many men use too many smileys and exclamation marks in their text messages. For example, when a woman says she is happy to have a video call with Joe, Joe sends her this text message, “Thank you. 😊Awesome!” Actually, this message would be more effective if it becomes “Thank you. That’s cool.” Please note that when you say “that’s cool”, the message implies that she is a cool woman because she has said yes to your request. Because she wants to be cool, she is very likely to follow your direction even further.

Last but not least, if you have been texting a woman for quite a while and the interaction is fun and flirty, you can ask her out: “I’m going to… XYZ there is so cool. You should totally come!” Remember: you don’t have to ask whether she wants to come or not; you can tell her to come because you have a good reason – XYZ there is so cool!

“You might think if an Eastern European woman texts you 20 minutes later, you should do the same to avoid looking desperate. But mirroring / matching the timing of her messages is not as important as your tone and what you actually say. You need to focus on how you say things.”

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