How a Ukrainian lady becomes the one

August 4, 2022 at 8.09am by in International Dating
Ukrainian lady

After having one romantic relationship after another, have you wondered whether the one exists? Love songs and Hollywood movies make us want to believe everybody will finally meet the one, yet realistically, the one is actually shaped by the way you communicate with the woman you are seeing: When you meet a Ukrainian lady, she may or may not be the one… until you show her how to treat you! 😉 In other words, it is your responsibility to make someone become the one!

  • How to train your partner:

When you start a relationship with someone, that’s the best time (if not the only time) to establish the right paradigm that shapes the relationship on your terms. Also, that’s exactly when you start to train your partner properly. 😉

The first principle that you will implement is Positive Reinforcement which means whenever you see your partner doing something that you like, you reward that behaviour so that your partner will want to do that more frequently in the future. The idea is to reward good behaviour & punish bad behaviour.

Example 1: how to reward good behaviour

Jeff has been seeing Alba for 4 weeks. After receiving a perfect head massage on Thursday night (which makes Jeff very happy), Jeff takes Alba to a fancy restaurant for dinner as a reward. Now Alba is coming up with new ideas that will make Jeff even more satisfied. 💕

Example 2: how to punish bad behaviour

Alicia is in a new relationship with Rory. On Saturday night, Alicia and Rory go to a friend’s birthday party where Rory flirts with the friend’s cousin. On their way home, Alicia calmly says this to Rory in the car, “I can’t believe you even did that with her cousin. What you did tonight is a big turn-off.” Alicia’s attitude is absolutely relaxed, but her message is firm. She gives Rory a few days to process what she has said without being difficult or cold. Rory doesn’t want to turn his girlfriend off; thus, Rory must change his behaviour.

Other ways to reward good behaviour:

  1. You want your Ukrainian lady to have more date nights with you. Next time you go out with your partner for a date night, you say, “You look so alluring when you go out for a date night with me.” Now your partner wants to have more date nights with you.
  1. You want your partner to do more housework. Next time your partner is doing housework, you say, “Seeing you cleaning the house is a major turn-on.” Now your partner wants to do more housework.
  1. You want your partner to wear better clothes. Next time your partner is trying on something nice in a department store, you say, “You look so attractive in high-quality clothes.” Now your partner wants to dress better!

Other ways to punish bad behaviour:

  1. Your partner says marriage is not a part of the plan, but you want to get married. Instead of having an argument with your partner, you stop investing in this person by giving them less time in general, yet whenever you are together, you bring beautiful energy to the interaction. In this way, your partner knows if they want to keep you, they must marry you.
  1. Your partner doesn’t prioritize shared experiences in a relationship, but that is very important to you. You calmly say this to your partner, “Having more shared experiences is very important to me. If that’s not important to you, I have to think about whether we are compatible or not.” Then you give your career, hobbies and friends more attention. Now your partner knows if they want to be with you, they have to make shared experiences a priority.

In fact, if a relationship is right, you would need to reward good behaviour more often. In contrast, if you have to punish bad behaviour all the time, that means it’s probably a wrong relationship for you anyway.

The second principle that you are going to implement is Law of Reciprocity. That means when you give someone good value, this person has to give you good value in return for your kindness. A normal person would definitely do that unless you are in a relationship with a psychopath.

Giving your partner good value doesn’t really cost you much – you can plan date nights, write love letters, kiss your partner more passionately….

Example: Nicolette is in a relationship with Mark. On Valentine’s Day, Mark organises a perfect date night in an upmarket restaurant; hence, Nicolette writes a romantic poem for Mark, and then on Nicolette’s birthday, she receives a beautiful gift from Mark. Nicolette gives Mark a neck and shoulder massage in return for his investment…. Their relationship is in a virtuous cycle. 😊

  • Lead with your energy.

That means you have to show your partner your expectations through your behaviour.

Example 1: You have very good taste – you wear natural fabrics, French perfume and genuine leather shoes. Your behaviour is teaching your partner something important – your behaviour is saying, “This is how I treat myself, so I expect you to treat me like this as well.” When you respect and love yourself, your partner respects and loves you more.

Example 2: You remain positive even when you are having a difficult conversation with your partner. You are always calm and optimistic, even when your partner is stressed out. What you are doing is showing your partner your standards in this relationship – you are leading with your energy.

“Always lead with your beautiful energy!”

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