How to actually use Law of Attraction to attract a Ukrainian woman

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Ukrainian woman

In this day and age, Law of Attraction has become a controversial topic – some individuals have clearly exaggerated its effectiveness, whereas others think it’s so corny. If you are curious about how to use Law of Attraction in the right ways in order to attract a Ukrainian lady, please keep reading.

  • Feel attractive before an attractive person meet you. Remember: Law of Attraction has nothing to do with wishful thinking. As a matter of fact, this law is about feeling positive before positive things happen. According to Abraham Hicks, the true essence of Law of Attraction is all about conditioning your emotions, meaning the universe will only send you a partner who matches your vibration energy.
  • Use emotional buttons to generate good emotions. You certainly have had some amazing experience in your life, e.g. a Sunday morning on the beach and a memorable trip overseas. You should print these photos and put them on the door, on the wall and on your fridge. These pictures become your emotional buttons which always remind you of good emotions. As a result, you will constantly feel the right feelings that can attract the right partner into your life.
  • Clarify your values and say yes to things that match your values. You would be well-advised to read a book called Values Clarification (written by Sidney B. Simon), and then you will figure out what your true values are. Now it’s time to say yes to activities that match your values. When you are doing these activities, you are more likely to meet and attract someone who share the same values with you.

If you are a guy attracted to a Ukrainian lady….

Firstly, do not hide your desire. When a guy is hiding his desire, the girl can be confused because she is wondering, “What the hell does this guy really want?” Therefore, when you are honest with your desire, the girl is more relaxed and will find you more trustworthy. Remember: honesty is the best policy when you are looking to build intense attraction.

Secondly, you should let the girl know that this is a man-to-woman interaction. Hence, you can say this to her, “You look so beautiful. I’m sure an elegant lady like you knows how to enjoy life.” As long as she is a normal woman, she wouldn’t give you a bad response after hearing a compliment like that.

5 signs you have met the one

The first sign is you feel at peace with that person because you genuinely agree with each other’s worldview. That means the way you think is similar to the way they think. Or at least your worldview is compatible with their worldview.

The second sign is that person is the first one you want to call when you have good news. Basically, whenever something great happens, your first reaction is to let that person know and share the joy & happiness together!

The third sign is you have the same values. For example, if both of you value knowledge, you can grow together. A few decades later, you won’t go to two different directions in life.

The fourth sign is you don’t feel anxious or worried when you are with this person. You are not wondering whether they actually love you or not. If you even have to ask, “Does that person love me?”, then the answer is no, they do not love you, because love is a very strong emotion – if someone loves you, you would know it.

The fifth sign is you have a shared vision. In other words, you two have the same blueprint – your long-term plans involve each other in it. Of course, you’ve found the one!

How to find the right Ukrainian woman:

When I was young, I was always fascinated by my dad’s bookshelf which was full of books about family dynamics and pragmatic psychology.  After reading a wealth of books on my dad’s bookshelf, I started to be interested in the topic of dating and relationships when I was a teenager.  In fact, my dad was my first teacher who taught me many practical things that I couldn’t learn at school.  Because my dad doesn’t have a son, I don’t know what he has to say if a young man asks him for advice regarding choosing a wife.  Out of curiosity, I interviewed my dad and discussed this topic with him.  As we had a very interesting conversation, I’ve decided to share it with the general public.  Hopefully you’ll find this valuable.

Me: Dad, if you have a son, what advice would you give him when it comes to choosing a wife?

Dad: The first thing a young man needs to do is to clarify his standards.  Write down what his ideal woman should be.  I’m not going to say a young man should do this; I think he must do this.

Me: Why do you think clarifying his standards is so important?

Dad: First of all, having standards makes a young man more confident.  Once he knows what kind of women he is looking for, he is more selective, thereby becoming more attractive in women’s eyes.  Second, after he has clarified his standards, he will start to notice the type of women that he wants in reality.  This is not about law of attraction; instead, it’s about actually paying attention to women who fall under his standards in real life.

Me: Apart from that, what else should a young man do in this regard? Dad: As time goes by, a man’s standards will change.  Actually, if he keeps evolving, probably his standards should change.  A 20-year-old man’s standards could look very different from his new standards when he turns 30.  The best way to make sure his standards are helpful and healthy is to keep educating himself.  In the end, he won’t get what he wants; he will only get who he is.  Every girlfriend is there to teach him who he really is.  So, the most dangerous thing a young man can do is to stop learning – this will do harm to his standards in terms of choosing a wife.

The differences between love and attachment

Love is based on emotional connection, whereas attachment is based on selfish reasons. A mentally and emotionally healthy person not only has the need to be loved, but also has the need to love someone. In other words, love should be based on a true connection between two people. On the other hand, attachment usually happens when one person has selfish reasons for keeping someone in their life, e.g. this person dealt with abandonment in his/her childhood, so it’s hard to be single and alone.

Love is best characterized by mutual respect, whilst attachment is best characterized by controlling behavior. The fundamental prerequisite of love is respecting each other in a relationship. Without respect, a relationship won’t be sustainable in the long run. In contrast, because attachment is caused by selfish factors, it usually includes controlling behavior such as manipulating someone and playing mind games – these may “work” in the short term, but in the long term, controlling behavior never leads to a happy relationship.

“When a relationship is built on love, it will grow into an everlasting commitment, because two people both feel nurtured by the genuine connection and can grow together.”

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