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August 8, 2020 at 2.51am by in Dating advice
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Today I’m going to share the most powerful strategies that can help you meet and attract elite singles in record time. Are you ready for that?

What you actually believe in will come true, so behave like a real 10 now!

You will become what you believe. That’s neuroscience.

In dating and relationships, your beliefs about who you are conditioning your relationship. Your beliefs will influence whom you will meet and have an impact on the nature/type/quality of the relationship you can have. Never underestimate the power of your belief system.

When you consider yourself a very valuable prize worth fighting over, you’ll find yourself highly valued by Ukrainian women, too.

Next time you step out the door, please step out dressed to kill. Remember to convince yourself that you’re the most attractive guy on the planet, and then move accordingly!

Let’s say you are going to a party tonight – please note that the secret of looking great all night is to make an effort before you go out and then forget what you look like at night! Just relax!

The power of a conversation starter:

When you attend a party, bring or wear something unusual to give people a reason to talk to you. I know a lady who only wears stockings and dresses. She has approximately 500 pairs of stockings (different patterns and different colors). No matter where she goes, men approach her and talk about her beautiful / quirky stockings.

Of course, you don’t have to do what she is doing for obvious reasons. Nevertheless, you can consider carrying or wearing something interesting when you go out. For example, if you go to a wine tasting event, perhaps you can wear a wine bottle pin on your jacket. It does not have to be expensive or exaggerated. The wine bottle pin can be very elegant and classy, but it must be unique and interesting enough. You may get it at a reasonable price on the Internet.

Meet elite singles by design:

If you arrive at a party early, you can certainly meet the party-giver first. That means you can talk to the party-giver who will introduce you to every guest that arrives later. Now I can show you an even more powerful technique which guarantees that you will meet high-value people that you actually like.

If the party-giver hasn’t introduced a particular lady to you yet, you may chat with the party-giver and ask, “Who’s that?”

Who’s that?” is one of the most powerful but least used meeting-people technique.

Look, you are at this party already; therefore, you should totally make this event work for you! You must be the chooser (not the choosee). If you merely spend time with individuals who choose you, you will certainly waste too much time, as women who choose you are not always the right women you are attracted to.

My advice is please do not wait until someone approaches you. It is your responsibility to make great things happen in your life. All you need to do is to be proactive in an intelligent way.

But if you still prefer meeting that beautiful lady without the party-giver’s introduction, that’s okay. This is how to make that happen:

You initiate eye contact and smile at that elegant lady. And then you ask her, “How do you know the host Alex?” If this lady is talking with somebody else at the party, you just need to get closer to this group and say something along the lines of, “Oh, excuse me, I couldn’t help but overhear that…” This line is very effective if this beautiful woman is talking with several ladies as women always appreciate an elegant gentleman who is keen to join their conversation.

How to build a deep connection quickly:

I’m almost sure that this strategy will transform the way you interact with Eastern European women forever.

Firstly, when you go to a party, do not give everybody a big smile. When you constantly wear a big smile on your face, the elegant lady that you like will not feel special as it seems that your smile is for everybody at the party.

So, just smile at people in a friendly way (moderately). When you see the beautiful lady you like, your smile must change. The process looks like this: You look at the elegant lady’s face for one second. Pause. Think romantic thoughts in your head (which allows your amazing pupils to enlarge slowly). And then your big smile broadens like a flood sending a very warm wave between you and this beautiful lady.

Secondly, as you are talking to this elegant woman, you should use words like “we”, “our” and “us” more frequently because this will make her feel closer to you psychologically. Besides, you can use phrases such as “I can relate to what you say” and “I understand” so that you will surely build a gem-stone effect: this beautiful woman will feel that you are such a special gentleman who truly understands her quickly.

In terms of compliments, you have to be more careful as most high-value Eastern European ladies get many compliments already, so any compliments from you must be sincere and unique. In general, there are 2 ways of paying an elegant woman a compliment correctly:

  1. The compliment needs to be very subtle, e.g. “Being as smart as you are, you certainly wouldn’t miss out on something like that.” / “Intelligent women like you definitely feel that way.” (A subtle compliment works much better than “You are smart.”)
  2. You may end the conversation with a very memorable compliment. Remember: you’d better end the conversation with her first, especially when she is so into the conversation (she will want more and will want to speak to you again). Trust me – if this beautiful woman actually likes you, she will probably find a way to initiate the conversation with you again later on. Okay. Here is how to end the conversation with a memorable compliment: You tell this elegant lady that you need to talk to somebody else now, and then you can say this to her, “What penetrating blue eyes you have.” Now you leave the interaction. I’m sure that this elegant woman will keep thinking of you for a very long time. 😊

By the way, you should maintain eye contact as you’re ending the conversation. That means your body language indicates that you’re leaving the conversation, yet you do not break eye contact even after you’ve finished talking already. You just look away slowly and gradually. Now this hellfire eye contact will make the beautiful woman feel that she is the only individual in the room (the crowd at the party disappears). She will be attracted to you in record time. You are welcome. 😉

“Implement these strategies and make wonderful things happen in your love life.”

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