How to be a high-value gentleman that Slavic women like

November 22, 2020 at 9.11am by in Slavic Women
Slavic women

A high-value gentleman can attract Slavic ladies effortlessly. How to become a high-value man is something that we will discuss today. 😊

Stop listening to others’ opinions.

Allowing other people’s opinions to influence your life isn’t the best way to approach things, so you must listen to your inner voice.

First of all, you can write down your identity statement on a piece of paper because every successful organization has a mission statement and you should have an identitystatement!

This is Daniel’s identity statement: “I’m a motivated, ambitious and confident man. I listen to my own inner voice.”

My question for you is: Who do you want to be? Be that guy now. 😉

Second, you need to fill your brain with a lot of good information such as helpful podcasts and books, for listening to your own inner voice doesn’t really mean ignoring others’ good advice. That merely means you have to live a life true to yourself. At the same time, you fill your brain with positive information and never allow rubbish to enter your headspace.

So, though many individuals give you their various opinions, it doesn’t necessarily mean each opinion deserves your attention.

Next, Slavic women like men who share similar values with them. Do you know your values?

When you are aware of your values, it’s a bit easier for you to find out which resource offers you the right information and which resource is junk. Therefore, I highly recommend a book Values Clarification which teaches you how to identify your values.

Learn to say no.

If you feel overwhelmed, maybe you say yes too frequently. You will be more relaxed and calmer if you understand the art of saying no.

First and foremost, you have to know when to say no. In truth, saying no does not make you a bad guy. It just makes you more discerning and assertive. If something doesn’t feel right in your opinion, then it’s just not right – you do not need more evidence as your intuition is already telling you the ultimate truth. Sadly, a lot of people have totally talked themselves out of their valuable intuition. Please do not underestimate the power of your intuition. When your body feels expansion, it’s a yes. When your body feels contraction, it’s a no. That’s your body’s wisdom.

In the second place, a high-value man that Slavic women like can say no sincerely, kindly and early. Look, saying no does not mean you’re ruthless and rude. You can be sincere & kind and still say no to other people. Others will actually appreciate your honesty.

You have to say no early. When you can see something is a bit off, you should totally say no early. Your time is too limited to waste energy on wrong people and things.

Last but not least, you have to make the transition from Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) to Joy of Missing Out (JOMO). FOMO is the reason why many men can’t say no. Those who have mastered the art of saying no certainly know JOMO very well! JOMO basically means you clearly know what you want. Therefore, you are able to focus on your goals instead of distractions.

How to handle negativity:

In fact, life isn’t really about being positive all day every day or being 100%happy 24/7. Truthfully, life is about effectively handling negativity as well because challenges will arise – this is a given.

Slavic dating experts suggest that whenever a difficult situation arises, you should know whether it’s negativity or feedback. Indeed, at times constructive feedback may pose as negativity. For example, if your customers complain about you, that’s possibly helpful feedback if you carefully listen to them.

Moreover, you would be well-advised to reframe the situation if it’s obviously negativity. A guy that I know lost his job because of the pandemic (negativity). Yet since he lost his job, he started his own business. Currently, he has a very good business which is working already. That is to say, he has now become an entrepreneur due to negativity.

My question for you: How are you going to reframe a challenging situation and make it work for you (not against you)? Lastly, you have to turn negativity into empowerment. Well, negativity is inevitable as you’re only human. Nevertheless, there are several ways to turn any negativity into true empowerment – you can learn the lesson and become more resilient, and then you’ll use what you’ve learned as well as your new resilience to be a much more empowered man.

“When you focus on what makes you genuinely happy, you will become a relaxed guy that Slavic ladies like. Feeling like dressing well and attending a comedy show? Do that. Feeling like ordering a take-out and having an early night? Do that.”

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