How to boost your confidence fast & make an international romance last

March 11, 2020 at 2.10pm by in International Dating
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Your confidence is the key to success in love, life and business. Therefore, you would be well-advised to boost your confidence now so that you will be ready for a sustainable relationship with an Eastern European lady.

How to live like a billionaire even if you aren’t a billionaire:

I know, I know. This doesn’t sound logical, but the truth is you don’t need to have 1 billion dollars so as to live like a billionaire. Let me explain now.

First of all, you can afford to buy nice clothes when they’re on sale, right? From now on, only wear good clothes and high-quality shoes. Remember: you need to dress the part in the first place and then you will feel more confident as well. Donald Trump’s book Trump: Think Like a Billionaire: Everything You Need to Know About Success, Real Estate, and Life is a fantastic book because it’s so honest and practical. In this book, Donald Trump says you need to know how to enjoy life like a billionaire so that you can think like a billionaire – your behavior can dramatically influence your thoughts. Your thoughts can become your reality.

Interestingly, when you dress better, Eastern European women will respect you more because the way you dress is teaching the world how to treat you.

Second, you should totally throw away the soap in your bathroom and use a bottle of liquid soap. When the Eastern European lady you are dating goes to your place, she might be turned off by the soap in the dish in your bathroom because it’s not elegant.

Think of the luxurious night when you stay at an upscale hotel. Was there a soap in the dish or a bottle of fragrant liquid soap in the bathroom?

Next, always learn something new. Keep learning, keep growing. When you acquire more knowledge, you always have something interesting to talk about on a date with an Eastern European bride. This will surely improve your conversational skills quickly.

Dos and don’ts on an international dating site:

If you are looking for an international romance that will last for a lifetime, please take notes now 😉


  1. Be proactive. It’s your responsibility to contact Eastern European women on an international dating website – you are a man, so you should do this proactively.
  2. Have a great dating profile. You will know the performance of your online dating profile after you have used an international dating site for a period of time. If the performance of your online dating profile isn’t ideal, you probably need to hire a dating coach who can improve your dating profile immediately and bring you real results fast. Of course, you must have some high-quality photos on your online dating profile! Your photos don’t need to be perfect, but they must be right.
  3. Understand the Eastern European culture. You don’t really have to learn russian or Ukrainian, but at least you can have a better understanding of the Eastern European culture by reading some books on this topic. Then you can understand Eastern European ladies better and communicate with them more effectively. By the way, learning is certainly not about consumption, so any “guru” who says they listen to an audio book at a high speed when they are working out in the gym isn’t doing it right. Learning is all about truly understanding the content you’ve studied and actually implementing what you have internalized.
  4. Log in every day and respond to messages. This action will improve your online dating profile’s performance because when your account is active, your profile will rank higher naturally in search results on the international dating site. In this way, your online presence will send more organic traffic to your dating profile.


  1. Avoid writing a very long dating profile. Note that your online dating profile is supposed to be a brief summary about your life. As a high-value man, you don’t need too many words to prove yourself.
  2. Don’t assume that Eastern European women like you only because you are a guy from a developed country. Yes, you are a western guy, so it’s a bit easier for you to find an international romance that will last for a long time. But please remember that a lot of women from Eastern Europe are very attractive, so they are sought-after ladies – they live in abundance; they have options! If the only thing you are proud of is where you were born, then you need to develop some other qualities and traits in order to become a truly attractive guy! Sorry, this is very blunt, but I’m honest with you.
  3. Never send generic, boring messages to all potential matches. Please make sure that every message that you send is personalized. If you send every lady the same message, you are literally a spammer.
  4. Don’t become someone’s pen friend. This is an international dating site, not a pen friends’ website, okay? So, if you are chatting with an elegant Eastern European bride, you should figure out when you can meet her in person as soon as possible. You can organize a trip and visit her with the help of Simply Dating.

Understand your Eastern European girlfriend better.

Eastern European brides are very different from women in western countries in many ways. First, brides from Eastern Europe are much more traditional and feminine; they are not worried about their power and status; they pay more attention to their beauty.

Your girlfriend from Eastern Europe wants you to be an alpha male who is in control. Since an elegant lady from Ukraine is very feminine, she expects her man to be masculine.

A quick way to become an alpha guy is to act “as if”. That means you should look & act like an alpha guy right now by being more confident and outgoing. Just be authoritative because you’re the alpha male who is always in control of situations in life. When you start an international romance that will last for a lifetime, you will see that you can manage this relationship in many ways, and your lady will expect you to do so, too.

Also, because Eastern European ladies are stylishly dressed, they also expect their men to be well-groomed. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you should look perfect. In reality, perfection is a joke because it doesn’t exist.

Apart from wearing the right clothes and getting the right haircut, you may consider wearing a cologne. As far as I know, every Eastern European lady that I’ve met wears perfume. In my view, you should choose a cologne from a well-known brand. Thus, when your Eastern European girlfriend gets close to you and then goes elsewhere & smells the same cologne in a shopping mall, the scent will surely remind her of you instantly.

“The right cologne can help you to keep a lady’s attention and even make her miss you after the date.”

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