How to flirt with a Slavic woman and start a meaningful relationship

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Slavic woman

Are you good at flirting with women? Almost every man who is successful with women is very good at flirting with ladies. Indeed, flirting is an important skill in the dating department and the good news is it is a skill that can be learned! 😉

Turn a silly situation into a comedy.

When you do something embarrassing, remember to turn it into something playful and fun. This self-assuredness is very endearing.

For example, as you are walking out of your office, you accidentally dropped a big folder on the floor. Now 1,001 pieces of paper are everywhere. In this moment, a beautiful lady walks by and says hello.

Now here is what you’ll say, “Could you please help me pick up all of these? Sorry. I did something silly!”

If she is a normal woman, she would say yes. If she is a decent woman, she would also say, “Oh, don’t worry about that. Everyone does that!”

Then you offer to repay her with a drink outside the building. 😉

Remember: If you do nothing, you will get nothing. Taking a risk brings you wonderful things. 😊

The right attitude:

If you are keen to flirt with a Slavic woman successfully and build a serious relationship quickly, please remember the following principles:

  1. Flirting is a marvelous way to connect with people; outstanding flirts flirt everywhere they go. This attitude will help you practice your flirting skills!
  2. If you are a real flirt, about 1 in 3 women with whom you try to flirt with will actually flirt back. In other words, the more you put yourself out there, the more likely you will be pleasantly surprised!
  3. When you flirt with a woman, remember to shine the spotlight on her rather than on yourself. That is to say, you need to make the Slavic woman feel special, valued, important and cared about. Please note that if you showcase yourself by trying to impress and doing all of the talking, you will be more disappointed when she doesn’t reciprocate. However, if your goal is to make her feel special, you are more likely to get what you want due to Law of Reciprocity. 😉
  4. At the beginning, the primary goal is to flirt for fun rather than a phone number or a date. Ironically, if your goal is to get a date or a phone number when you are flirting, then you probably can’t even relax. Interestingly, when your goal is to bring joy, you are much more likely to get exactly what you deserve!

How to become an amazing flirt:

Flirting starts before you leave your house in the morning – you need to look you best! Yes, when you look great, you also feel great, right? Your appearance is literally an investment in your future success!

Next, focus on your nonverbal communication skills because 80% of communication is actually nonverbal: your posture, gestures, eye contact, facial expressions, tone of voice, smile, and so forth. All of these affect the message you express.

Last but not least, you have to know how to respond to a woman’s flirting signals!

  1. If she plays with her hair, you say “Your hair is beautiful.”
  2. If she tosses her beautiful hair and you are sitting next to her, you say, “Your hair smells very nice.”
  3. If she crosses and uncrosses her legs, you say, “Your shoes are pretty.”
  4. If she repositions her necklace, you say, “Your necklace looks so good on you.”

Unusual tips:

When you go out for a singles’ event, bring some business cards with you. If you don’t want to share your work information, you may consider bringing your flirting cards with you! A flirting card includes your name, phone number as well as email address. You can select an uncommon color and an eye-catching font.

As a business card says what you do, a flirting card without your work information will spark a conversation about your job. If you find having a flirting card without your work information a bit silly and strange, you may add a line which suggests your profession such as ‘consultant’ – you don’t need to list your full title (now this is more intriguing).

What’s more, if you meet a Slavic woman in a social context, you can impress her by giving her a very memorable handshake:

Step 1: Smile.

Step 2: Make eye contact.

Step 3: Get close to her.

Step 4: Offer your right hand to initiate the handshake with her right hand. Meanwhile, use your left hand to gently and warmly stroke the back of her right hand.

Step 5: Introduce yourself to her sincerely and confidently.

“Flirting is an art form.”

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