How to get what you deserve in a relationship with a Ukrainian woman

February 4, 2020 at 1.58pm by in Slavic Women

Frankly, there is a secret to getting a Ukrainian bride to act the way you want both before and during a marriage, and it is so simple that it has to be seen to be completely believed.

The secret sauce is: using language which appeals to women.

I’ve had many female friends who told me this: “I don’t like hanging out with men unless a guy is my boyfriend or husband. Otherwise, spending time with men is so boring.”

What they are actually saying is this: “Men don’t use language that appeals to me.”

So, how should men use the right language that appeals to women? Well, here is the golden phrase: “I love it when a lady…”

When you are in a dating phase with a Ukrainian lady, you use this phrase – perhaps you are not in an official relationship yet. I know it sounds very simple and it takes a while for you to register. But please let me give an example of how this can work before a serious relationship starts:

Let’s say you are dating a Ukrainian woman and trying to figure out whether she is the right candidate or not. A key element in the dynamics is the right woman must be willing to make you happy. Therefore, when you are having a dinner date with her and she is browsing the wine menu, you say this to her, “I love it when a woman is comfortable enough to drink red wine.”

This phrase is pure gold, because if a Ukrainian lady likes you and you tell her something like that, she will immediately store it in her memory bank and never forget what you’ve said.

When you are about to start an official relationship with your Ukrainian girlfriend, you can say this to her, “It really turns me on when a woman…”

Remember: Every woman wants to turn her man on. As soon as a woman hears that, she will remember it forever and fight to demonstrate whatever it is you said, especially if she is very attracted to you.

For example, you can say, “The idea of going to a wine-tasting event with a woman I love really turns me on” and I’m pretty sure she will want to go to wine-tasting events with you!

You can also say, “It really turns me on when a lady shares a chocolate bar with me” or “It really turns me on when a woman wears red.” No matter what you say, you will notice her actions change because your Ukrainian girlfriend wants to turn you on, of course.

Your language will be different when you are in a long-term relationship.

In a serious relationship, your girlfriend from Ukraine wants to feel unique and special; therefore, you need to change the language to “I love it when you …” and “it really turns me on when you …” Yes, when you are in a long-term relationship or a marriage, your Ukrainian bride needs to feel like it is her that you need, or it is her that turns you on.

In psychology, there is a very useful principle – give your wife the identity you want her to have.

Let’s say you want your Ukrainian wife to cook for you more often. Instead of getting angry with her when she doesn’t cook at home, praise her when she is cooking at home.

Now she will make the connection in her head that if she cooks for you more often at home, she gets a lot of affection, attention and love, which will definitely make her want to cook for you even more.

You can also say, “I love it that you can cook so well” or “I love it when you look after the house”. I’m pretty sure she will want to be a more traditional woman when she hears that.

How to make your Ukrainian woman live up to your standards:

If you had abusive relationships in the past in which you were the victim, that means you allowed it to happen. I know this doesn’t sound very pleasant because it’s not a pretty topic. But it’s the truth – you choose the people in your life; you choose what behavior you would or wouldn’t put up with from those close to you.

Truthfully, women will adhere to the parameters they are given. If your partner doesn’t live up to your standards, it’s your fault. I know this sounds like a generalization, but the truth is plain & simple.

Don’t allow your Ukrainian lady have her cake and eat it. If you always allow her to do whatever she wants, then she wouldn’t change and shouldn’t change.

Let me give you this example: Let’s say you go out with your Ukrainian girlfriend and she is flirting with other men in front of you. What are you supposed to do?

First, don’t ignore her bad behavior. If you ignore it, she will not change. End of story. Since she won’t change, you will become resentful sooner or later. And she might think you don’t even care, and she will become even more outrageous. Another possibility is she isn’t even aware of what she has been doing.

Second, don’t become angry. If you suddenly become angry, you are literally giving her a lot of attention, which indicates a form of love. Consequently, what she begins to register in her brain is that when she acts in ways that make you jealous, she can get love and attention from you, so she might flirt with other men again in order to get attention from you again.

Third, don’t make her jealous. If you try to make your Ukrainian woman jealous by flirting with other women in front of her, you two will become competitive, and that’s not constructive at all. She will also become resentful as a result.

My suggestion is you need to be honest with your Ukrainian bride. You must tell her what has happened. Although it may seem obvious to you that she is too flirtatious, but she may not be aware of what she is doing. Note that some women think it’s polite (good manners) to flirt with men in a social environment – perhaps she is just trying to be polite. Also, chances are she doesn’t know it actually bothers you.

On your way back home after that social event, you should say this to her in the car, “You know what, it really bothers me when you act like that with other men. Quite frankly, it’s a big turn-off.”

The killer is “it’s a big turn-off”. This phrase would resonate with women because no woman wants to turn her boyfriend or husband off.

Don’t say this with an angry or upset tone. Just say it peacefully, calmly and firmly. In this way, she will know you are serious but you are confident.

Some men may become moody suddenly in that case because they don’t know how to communicate this issue to their women, but that will only make their women resentful. So, please don’t make that mistake.

“Always reward good behavior and punish bad behavior in a relationship.”

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