How to have unshakable confidence in a relationship with a Ukrainian woman

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There are three types of self-confidence. Ideally, you need all of them in order to feel invincible in a romantic relationship. But don’t worry. You can always start somewhere!

The first type of self-confidence is experiential confidence.

This is the type of confidence you feel in a particular environment, whether it’s doing a presentation in front of your boss, talking to a Ukrainian lady on an international dating website, or playing video games – this is called experiential confidence. Everyone has developed this type of confidence in certain areas of their lives. For example, when you are brushing your teeth, you feel very confident because you’ve done it repeatedly for so many years, right?

What is required is previous success in some aspects of your life. As long as you’ve completed some tasks successfully, you can earn this type of confidence quickly. Truthfully, even if you have failed, you may still build some experiential confidence so long as you don’t see failure as permanent. My advice is to be grateful for the learning opportunity, grateful that you’re still okay today, and those failures will eventually contribute to your future success and self-confidence in the long term. Actually, the recipe for this type of confidence is very simple. If something doesn’t cause physical injury, you know you can do it even if you have fears that can’t even be explained.

The second type of confidence you need is emotional confidence.

This is the sort of self-confidence you switch on. Please let me explain.

It’s all about mental preparation. For instance, you are nervous before the first date with a Ukrainian lady. That’s very normal. But you can be mentally prepared. Remember: mental preparation is very important as it provides you with the benefit of experiential confidence, even though it’s literally imagined. Never underestimate the power of imagination – your brain can’t tell the difference between what’s real and what’s imagined – that’s neuroscience!

So, next time before you go out with a Ukrainian woman, you will pull your shoulders back & open up your posture. You know you will speak at your normal pace.

Now you can see that emotional confidence is not automatic because you must switch it on.

The third type of confidence that is required is high self-esteem.

This level is deep. This is your core self-confidence. This is what makes you invincible.

Perhaps you’ve watched the popular American TV show Mad Men. Don Draper has good looks, a high-profile job and lots of money, but why is he such a mess? Realistically, Don Draper’s life isn’t about survival anymore, meaning in real life, confidence isn’t usually threatened by death; instead, it’s threatened by a problematic identity.

Here is low self-esteem’s identity – ‘I’m unlovable.’

In contrast, high self-esteem is the highest level of self-confidence, for your true identity is self-generated with your high self-esteem. This is all about knowing that you deserve a high-quality Ukrainian bride and you truly love yourself no matter what. Look, on the first date with a Ukrainian woman, it’s your responsibility to live up to your own standards and show her who you really are with your high standards.

How an intelligent woman from Ukraine builds her self-confidence:

After interviewing Galina, a lady from Ukraine, I’ve summarized her tips about how to build true confidence.

Galina is studying at university. She will graduate with a Master’s Degree in Hotel Management soon. She derives real confidence from what she has learned. This is Galina’s journal:

Enter Galina, a woman from Ukraine

Concept 1: Goal-Setting Theory refers to living a goal-oriented life, thereby becoming more successful (Kinicki & Fugate 2018, p. 183).

Application: In the future, I will work as a hotel manager. Firstly, I will ask my employees to set specific and reasonably challenging goals so they will know exactly what they need to achieve (e.g. increase sales by 5% in the next Financial Year). Secondly, my employees will be equipped with necessary conditions in order to achieve their goals (e.g. essential training about sales and marketing). Lastly, performance feedback and participation may be involved as well. Since goal achievement leads to job satisfaction, my employees will be more motivated.

Concept 2: Positive Reinforcement is the process of encouraging and establishing a behavior by offering a reward when this behavior happens.

Application: As a hotel manager, I will reward my employees’ good behavior. For instance, when an employee brings new business to the hotel, I will give them recognition. If an employee constantly brings new business to the hotel, I will give them opportunities for career advancement. In this way, employees will want to bring new business to the hotel, thereby increasing the hotel’s revenue.

Concept 3: Norms can be an attitude, feeling, opinion or action shared by a group of people; norms guide their behavior.

Application: As a professional woman from Ukraine, I will purposefully create norms for my team because I will be the hotel manager in future. To be more exact, I will clarify behavioral expectations such as rules and regulations of the hotel as well as values shared by the team. For example, I will let everyone in the marketing team know that anyone who brings new business to the hotel will receive a 5% commission according to the hotel’s procedures, as the hotel values lead generation. Therefore, employees will know exactly what is expected, and then they can do their work effectively without any confusion.

Concept 4: Impression Management means the attempt to control the images related to an individual, an organization or an idea, using behavior, speech and appearance. According to Qureshi (2019), a reasonable amount of upward impression management is necessary.

Application: Since I will become a hotel manager in future, I will need to dress appropriately, use professional language and demonstrate the right behavior at all times. I will also study an online program called ‘Charisma University’ to further improve my impression management skills (e.g., improving my salesmanship through the way I talk and the way I carry myself).

Concept 5: Path-Goal Theory means leader behaviors are effective when employees see leaders as paving the way to future satisfaction or a source of satisfaction.

Application: As a professional lady from Ukraine and a hotel manager, I will implement Path-Goal Theory in three ways in future. Firstly, I will reduce employees’ roadblocks which interfere with their goal accomplishment by identifying and eliminating barriers in advance. Secondly, I will offer employees support and guidance when it is necessary (e.g. I can provide resources and tools that will help my employees get the results they desire). Lastly, I will link rewards to goal accomplishment so that employees will have positive associations with goal accomplishment (e.g. I can give employees incentives and recognition).

Concept 6: Mentoring refers to the process of forming and maintaining intensive and sustainable developmental relationships between developers and a junior individual.

Application: As professional woman from Ukraine &a hotel manager, I will foster a broad developmental network. Firstly, I will develop a mentoring plan in my organization so that junior employees will grow faster, thereby contributing to a positive organizational culture. Secondly, I will join Business Chicks, a networking organization for businesswomen, as becoming proficient at using social networking tools is paramount in terms of mentoring. Thirdly, I will design a mentoring program for the hotel’s leadership development program as well.

“A Ukrainian lady derives her core confidence from learning because true confidence is always backed up by competence.”

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