How to impress anyone you like on an international dating website

June 23, 2020 at 8.14am by in International Dating
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Most dating sites have a lot of candidates, so the question is: How can you impress anyone you are interested in when the competition is increasingly stiff?

Hire a professional photographer to take good photos for you.

No matter you are a man or a woman, you would be well-advised to hire a professional photographer to take really good photos for you, because you are competing with millions of people on an international dating site.

Yes, there is always a price to pay. If you choose to join an international dating site, then you are facing a tremendous amount of competition. Therefore, you must invest in your profile photos.

Of course, your profile photos can’t look too different from what you actually look like because you will need to meet someone in person anyway. Actually, I know a true story like this:

Ann is a capable woman looking for love. She is successful, intelligent and wealthy. However, she isn’t a pretty woman because she is relatively short and chubby. Also, her skin is pretty bad.

Then she hired a professional photographer to take high-quality photos for her, and then she joined a dating website with those photos. Indeed, her online beauty attracted a lot of attention from men.

Very quickly, she started to date a high-caliber man from the dating site. This guy knows that Ann doesn’t really look like her profile photos, but she isn’t too bad either because she dresses really well and wears elegant makeup.

Yet this man had to see Ann’s face without makeup anyway because she spent the night at his place. When they woke up in the morning, this guy looked at Ann’s face carefully and said, “I didn’t know your skin actually looks like this…”

Ann is a strong woman, so she didn’t react. Gradually, Ann and this guy built emotional connection and mutual benefits in their relationship. When I heard this story, these two people were happily married.

Moral of the story: No matter how wonderful you are, you still need to leverage your dating profile photos to attract others’ attention in the first place. On an international dating website, a good photo is the real gate-keeper.

Invite them to something fast.

When you find someone that you are interested in online, you should ask them out as soon as possible and never chat with that person for several months on the Internet.

Usually, you can invite them to something after chatting with that individual for 20 minutes. For example, you can say, “I’m going to a wine-tasting event tomorrow. I think you should come.”

When you say “I think you should come”, that person only needs to consider “Can I go out?”

But when you ask “Would you like to come?”, that person will need to consider “Can I go out?” AND “Do I want to go out?”

That’s why using a statement eliminates a question in their head.

The reason why you should invite someone to something quickly is because you need to know this person fast. Hence, instead of chatting with a stranger online for several months, you’d better meet this individual in person within 24 hours.

It is your responsibility to make great things happen.

Make them invest in you.

When you are talking to someone you’ve just met, don’t worry about awkward silence. In fact, the silence is exactly what you need. Please let me explain.

Let’s say you are on a date with someone that you’ve just met on a dating website. Now you two are having coffee in a beautiful coffeehouse. And suddenly, the awkward silence happens.

Please don’t panic. Don’t ask another useless, boring question. Don’t laugh in order to alleviate the tension. I want you to look at your date’s eyes.

Now you look at this person’s nose. And then you look at her lips.

In other words, your eyes are slowly “traveling” on this individual’s face. That’s the most romantic technique under the radar.

If you only look at her eyes, that can appear too intense. Therefore, a better approach is to use your eyes to “travel” on their face slowly and gradually without feeling awkward or nervous.

This demonstrates your confidence and competence in the dating department.

Try this technique and enjoy the massive chemistry that you’ve built with someone you’ve just met via an international dating website.

Then you will figure out something paramount: When you don’t worry about the awkward silence, your date begins to invest in the conversation more. He/she will begin to ask you more questions and want to know more about you.

That’s a good sign because that means your date is investing in you.

When someone invests in something, they don’t want to lose it. That’s psychology. Thus, you can impress this individual further by letting them want to impress you.

Certainly, as time goes by, after several dates, you can invite this person to your place for a romantic night if you like. But it doesn’t mean you should pay for everything. You may send them a text message along the lines of, “Come to my place for dinner at 6pm tonight. Remember to bring some ice cream for dessert.”

That is to say, your date will also need to buy some ice cream for the night; therefore, she is investing in you as well, even though you invited this person to your place for the romantic dinner and night.

You have to turn the tables by making them want to invest in you if you actually want to impress them.

End the date when everything is fantastic.

I usually end the date when it’s perfect. Basically, I end every party when it reaches its peak because that keeps people interested – people want more as a result.

When you take someone out for a date, you should also end it when it reaches its highlight. For instance, you’re taking someone to a fancy restaurant and you know the dessert that you’ve ordered for both of you will be a hit. You should totally plan an exit strategy when you are about to finish eating the dessert.

You may want to prepare a story about the dessert before going out for the date so that you can have something interesting and intriguing to say at the end of the dinner date.

Then you end the date when it reaches its peak moment. And that’s exactly how you keep your date interested in you. In this way, you are much more likely to have another date with this individual. You can end the date by saying something like, “This is so good, but now I have to go because I’ll have to get up very early tomorrow morning. I really enjoyed our time together, and I do hope we’ll see each other again.”

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