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January 11, 2020 at 9.32am by in International Dating
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It is reported that the biggest fear in dating is fear of rejection. But without rejections, international datersmay never grow. The future love of your life will benefit from all the improvements you’ve made along the way due to all the hardships and rejections in this process. It is so romantic – the individual that benefits the most is the only woman who actually matters!

Don’t take rejection personally.

It’s not all about you.

I remember being in New York one day attending a business networking event. I overheard a woman in a very nice dress near me say to the waitress, “You don’t even look like a businesswoman who understands entrepreneurship.” Yet the waitress smiled and said, “Don’t worry about it. You don’t even know me.”

That was almost twenty years ago and I still remember what the waitress said clearly. They reason her words are still crystal clear is because I know many people allow themselves to be offended by people they don’t even know or who don’t even know them.

Each time you feel nervous when you are worried about what an attractive woman may say to you, remind yourself of this: “You don’t even know me, so you can’t offend me.”

Let’s have a look at this analogy: Let’s say you are a salesman – your job is to convince people to buy your products. People will reject you and will be mean or unfriendly to you; however, you can decide not to take it personally. That’s the most basic requirement if you want to do sales and marketing.

Whenever you think of talking to international daters you are attracted to, you just need to remind yourself that any rejection those people give you is purely based on a superficial idea they have of you at best, so taking it personally is attaching too much weight to the connection you have to this individual. They don’t even know what you have overcome in your life. They don’t know how your mind works or what your brain is capable of doing. They don’t know the things you are very good at. They know nothing about your amazing qualities. They have no idea how caring you are or how much you give to those you love. They don’t know how interesting you can be when you are totally relaxed. They aren’t aware of what you will achieve in the future. They simply know the fraction of your character that they happen to have seen, which may not be important to your overall personalityat all.

Usually, people put you down not because of your flaws, but because of their own insecurities – they want to raise their own value artificially. Now you can’t take things personally, can you?

Not every international dater has to like you.

If you have fear of rejection, oftentimes it’s because you possibly want everybody to accept you at all times. That’s why some men even say “I have fear of rejection, so I don’t even want to try dating.”

But the truth is: Not every international dater has to choose you. You shouldn’t be a narcissist. Stop being so arrogant.

As a matter of fact, it’s just the woman that you end up with that needs to accept you, not every woman you meet in this journey.

In reality, there are more than 7 billion people in the world. If one woman rejects you, so what?

No one is every woman’s cup of tea. In actuality, you shouldn’t be every woman’s cup of tea, because if every woman likes you, that usually means you mold your character to whoever is in front of you rather than being an authentic person. If you are actually authentic, a lot of women will not like you, yet the woman who does (the lady who understands you) will see you as an ideal candidate.

Interesting men are polarizing; the best things in life are oftentimes the things most people don’t even appreciate. It’s a fact.

Some of the best works of art today were totally ignored in their time. Nonetheless, nowadays they are in the most famous museums and galleries. Thus, you must stop worrying about rejections from international daters. It’s time to focus on making your personality a work of art which will be appreciated by the right woman.

Avoiding rejections will only make your love life more unmotivating.

It feels easier when you don’t put yourself out there. The easy path is to leave – in that case, rejection doesn’t exist.

Sadly, the path of least resistance is literally the path of pain which is posing as the path of ease. Walking away is the worst path to success in your love life. When you don’t even meet other international daters, you have fewer options. Then you either never meet any woman you are attracted to, or you have to settle for the first woman to come along in quite a while in an average relationship that you don’t even enjoy. That is to say, walking away to avoid rejections will only make you end up alone or with the wrong woman.

Both of these results are more stressful than taking a risk. Remember: when you take more risks, you will definitely increase your options, thereby getting closer to the right candidate. In other words, rejection is clearly a part of the journey and you must stop avoiding it!

I mean if you avoid the pain now, you will face more pain in the future. Interestingly, the most attractive and confident men get rejected more than anyone else, as they are always out there taking more action. They don’t allow rejections to stop them from trying more. Rejection is a part of eliminating the wrong candidates among so many international daters. By the way, rejection makes you become stronger if you can learn how to handle it well. Avoiding rejection will make you miss out on wonderful potential partners; it will also hinder your personal development.

If you mess up, the world moves on quickly anyway.

Many men don’t initiate conversations with women simply because they don’t want to look desperate or sleazy. They are worried that women will misinterpret their intentions and think the wrong things about them.

You know what, women are already interpreting your behavior no matter you talk to them or not. You literally have a better shot at getting women to know who you are if you talk to them and show who you really are than if you hide away.

Women are already deciding a lot of things about you anyway; therefore, you might as well approach women and give them an opportunity to see the real you rather than the one in their imagination.

“When the situation doesn’t go well, it’s more likely in that moment that she is rejecting the way you communicate than who you really are. At this stage, she doesn’t even know you; thus, she can’t reject you as a person.”

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