How to level up & become the high-value guy that Ukrainian women like

September 21, 2020 at 8.07am by in Slavic Women
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Research shows that growth-driven, ambitious and successful men are the most attractive guys in the world of dating and relationships. After consulting with our international dating experts at, the most reputable dating site for Ukrainian ladies who are looking for foreign husbands, I have gathered some useful online courses for you to consider. You may try something new when you have spare time.

Valuable digital programs that will help you level up in record time:

Firstly, if you would like to know more about your foreign girlfriend’s culture, perhaps you can learn her language. I mean your Ukrainian lady is already learning English in order to communicate with you more effectively, so she would definitely appreciate your effort if you also learn her language (or at least learn a little bit of her language). Therefore, I’d like to recommend Duolingo to you – it’s a free resource where people can download this app and learn different languages online. You simply have to create an account and then you can get started!

Secondly, is a platform where celebrities teach high-value courses on the Internet. For example, the acting course is taught by Natalie Portman; the leadership & creativity course is taught by Anna Wintour! Well, because this platform offers good value, it’s not free. However, it’s very affordable and is trusted by many learners around the world.

Thirdly, provides a wealth of courses from the best universities in the world, including Durham University, the University of Bath, etc. Some courses are pretty short, and a lot of them even offer qualifications when learners complete their programs.

Next, has very practical courses online, e.g. computer programming, business management, etc. Hence, if you are looking to upgrade your career, this is a wonderful option right now.

Moreover, LinkedIn Learning is also a fantastic place where you can learn lots of useful skills, e.g. how to build a website, how to improve your communication skills, and so forth. No matter you are looking to work on your career or your lifestyle, this is the place to be.

Be a creative man that inspires Ukrainian ladies.

Let’s say you are dating a Ukrainian lady and she would like you to decide what to do and where to go on a date.

Yes, a woman with traditional values expects her man to be a decisive guy who can make decisions!

So, how are you going to make the date highly creative? Okay, now I have a cheat sheet for you! You are welcome! 😉

First of all, you can take a cooking class together. Think outside the box. Maybe you can learn how to make sushi, how to bake a cake, etc. I actually think this is a good idea for the first date because the cooking class is a group setting where you will be able to relax. Of course, usually, wine/beer is included as well – this may give you some extra courage!

Second, you can go ice skating together. This is a great idea for a date in the wintertime because you can take her to get a cup of hot chocolate as the warming up activity before you hold her hand & skate around!

Third, if you are a musical guy, you may take your Ukrainian girlfriend to karaoke. I wouldn’t recommend this idea to people who are going out for the first date. I think it’s more suitable if you two are more familiar with each other (then you can relax and you don’t need to worry about sounding absurd).

Besides, you may take her to attend a salsa dancing class. This will allow you to be the leader in the dynamics because the guy has to lead the salsa dance properly in order for the lady to dance well!

Set some achievable goals.

Whenever we talk about goal-setting, most of us would immediately think of setting big goals because we tend to be very ambitious in modern culture! But in reality, achievable goals are much more practical.

Here are some examples:

Goal #1: Get enough sleep. Prioritize 8 hours each night by going to bed early.

Goal #2: Eat less sugar. No, I’m not saying you should eliminate sugar from your diet forever. I mean natural sugars are fine. For example, you can eat more fruit; you might add some raw honey to your tea! But please don’t eat processed sugar!

Goal #3: Reduce your screen time. We live in a modern world where almost everyone is looking at their phone. So, if you decrease your screen time, you will have much more time to do things that actually matter! This will set you apart.

Goal #4: Read more. Actually, this can be reading tangible books or eBooks. Alternatively, you can listen to audio books while doing something else (e.g. working out in the gym) so as to save some time! Reading is a meditative activity that can relax you and help you to wind down before going to bed at night.

The truth about goals:

Whatever you choose to do in order to achieve a particular goal literally becomes your way of life. As I see it, the goal is probably the dessert, i.e. the 20% reward from the efforts, yet there is the 80% that you have to do consistently so as to achieve the goal. Are you sure you want to work extremely hard so you can make your goal come true? When a goal simply keeps your life hectic, you may question why you set that goal in the first place.

According to several intelligent Ukrainian women that I’ve interviewed, the ideal goal is one where you actually love the journey. Simply wanting the end goal itself won’t be sufficient at all. So many guys want to have big muscles; however, they cannot stick to a workout plan in the gym or maintain a healthy diet. That’s why they can’t achieve their goal. That’s also why most people forget about their new year’s resolutions in February!

In my opinion, having 4 goals at a time is the maximum you should do because a guy with too many goals is just stretched way too thin – all of his willpower and energy is used to cater for so many different lifestyles. And that is not sustainable. A guy may assume that the more goals, the better, for he wants to reach his full potential and savor the reward. Nevertheless, the end goal is a small percentage of a man’s overall project. Consequently, he merely burns himself our slowly by doing activities that he doesn’t enjoy.

My advice is to set a realistic goal and know what way of life you will have to build when you try to achieve your goal. Basically, the journey is actually the reward, the effort is literally the benefit, the hard work is probably the fruit. If you can truly understand and accept this philosophy, you are on the right path. Congratulations.

“Be the ambitious, high-value and successful guy that Ukrainian women admire.”

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