How to make a relationship with a Ukrainian lady last

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Ever played the game where which of your friends in romantic relationships will stay together for a long, long time? Well, many people casually criticize couples around them by saying things like, “He is not thoughtful.” & “Whenever she is exhausted, she always gives him a hard time. That must annoy him so much”. Even though these flaws are true, it turns out that most people are not great fortune tellers. So, how can we precisely predict whether a couple will stay together?

How often do you say yes to her?

According to our research, couples that tend to stay together forever often say these in their relationships:

“Yes, I agree with you.”

“Yes, what a fantastic idea.”

“Yes, we can do that.”

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying you have to say yes to her all the time. I mean whenever you can do that, please remember to say yes to her frequently because this will make her feel closer to you psychologically, thereby helping you to keep your Ukrainian wife.

By contrast, men who say the following frequently tend to be unable to keep their ladies:

“No, you can’t do that.”

“Oh, no. Stop controlling me.”

“No way, it can’t be done.”

Look, I’m not teaching you to give your Ukrainian bride more power or less power. At the end of the day, a healthy, sustainable, long-term relationship shouldn’t be a power game. What I’m trying to say is you have to watch the language you use when you communicate with your Ukrainian lady in your daily life. Sometimes small details can make a relationship thrive or self-destruct.

Ideally, your Ukrainian bride should say yes to you more frequently as well, but truthfully, you can’t control her behavior as you can only influence her behavior. You can only control what you do and what you say, right?

When a relationship is full of “no”, people in this relationship begin to complain, “He doesn’t care what I think of this”, “He doesn’t respect my opinion” and “She simply ignores my idea.”

Actually, if the complaint happens occasionally, it shouldn’t be a problem because no one’s relationship is perfect. But frequency definitely matters. When you say ‘yes’ more often, you build more attraction and appreciation. When you say ‘no’ more often, you create more obstacles and issues.

Well, in order to make this strategy work for you in reality, you have to make sure that you have found the right woman in the first place because she has to say yes back to you as well. In other words, your effort must be reciprocated in your relationship.

Do you open up to each other?

If you are wondering how to make your partner open up to you, I’d like you to think about what you did when she opened up to you last time.

Here is Michael’s true story:

Michael’s girlfriend Connie told him that she secretly liked her boss when she was in her early 20s, and then Michael laughed at her.

Now Michael is wondering why Connie doesn’t want to open up anymore.

Obviously, Michael’s reaction when Connie opened up to him for the first time determines whether Connie will open up again or not.

Firstly, if opening up creates more concern, then she will not open up. For example, let’s say your Ukrainian girlfriend says, “I think my best friend’s brother is hitting on me. I don’t know what to do.” Now there are two responses that you can choose:

Response 1: “That’s disgusting! You should have told him off a long time ago. His sister’s opinion isn’t that important.”

Response 2: “I see what you mean. Can you ask his sister to tell him that you are not available?”

Clearly, the first response will give your Ukrainian girlfriend more stress, whereas the second response will make her feel safe whenever she opens up to you.

Secondly, if opening up means she will be judged by you, then she will not open up again. For instance, if your Ukrainian lady says, “In fact, whenever your female boss talks to you on the phone for that long, I feel jealous”, now there are two responses as well:

Response 1: “Oh, no. Don’t be silly. That’s ridiculous.”

Response 2: “She only wants to talk about some projects at work. There is nothing to worry about, okay? I only want to be with you.”

The conclusion is you shouldn’t blame her for being vulnerable. You need to make her feel safe when she opens up, thereby encouraging her to open up again in the future. 😊

Thirdly, if you aren’t interested in what she is talking about when she opens up, she won’t open up again. Here is an example:

WOMAN: “Honestly, when I was young, I never had nice clothes to wear because my parents always gave my cousin’s clothes to me. That’s why now I am into fashion.”

MAN: “You know what, I experienced the same thing when I was young….” (one thousand words about himself.)

In that case, this woman knows that her boyfriend isn’t really interested in her story, so she will choose not to open up again.

Thus, if you want your Ukrainian girlfriend to open up more, you should ask deeper question to show your genuine interest in her story, “Tell me more about that. I’m all ears.”

Lastly, when your Ukrainian lady opens up to you, it doesn’t necessarily mean she is looking for an immediate solution.

Only when she says, “What’s your advice?” can you offer her a quick solution. Otherwise, you are supposed to listen to her attentively. You can give her a hug and show your support. Then she will want to open up to you even more!

Basically, as long as you don’t judge her, stay curious and offer sincere reassurance, she will be more willing to open up to you. That’s how to make a relationship with a Ukrainian woman last.

Does your relationship have chemistry and compatibility?

When a relationship has both chemistry and compatibility, this couple will be able to stay together in the long term. Otherwise, the relationship is not sustainable.

Now ask yourself, “Do I feel unique chemistry with her?” & “Do I feel like our values and personalities are compatible?”

If your answer to both of these questions is a solid yes, your relationship is very healthy. Congratulations! Besides, don’t forget that there is always more to life than romance. Celine Dion might sing, “Love is all we need”, but I would argue that you also have a life. Maybe you like reading, movies, music and painting. Perhaps you are into IT, travel, writing and Kungfu. Apparently, you are a multi-dimensional guy. When you release the pressure and enjoy life, you will notice that your relationship also becomes more relaxing, enjoyable and energizing!

“You can find something beautiful in a lot of corridors of life. Your love life is one part of this journey.”

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