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January 2, 2021 at 3.33pm by in Slavic Women
Slavic women

Your conversational skills are so key. So, if you are looking for a Slavic girlfriend, you must take some notes right now.

“Why are you leaving?”

Let’s say you’ve been making eye contact with a Slavic woman at a party and neither of you have done anything about it so far. Now she is about to leave the venue. Here is what you will say to her, “Why are you leaving?”

You can say this line in two different ways:

A) You suggest that you feel slightly sad as she is leaving already.

B) You indicate that the party is good fun; therefore, it’s hard to believe the fact that she is already leaving.

Attraction always favors the courageous. Guys who can speak up & say things in a confident manner are able to attract high-quality ladies.

That is to say, your confidence and cheekiness will actually give you a huge advantage in the dating department. 😉

Obviously, “Why are you leaving?” also implies that you have known each other for a while. As a result, it bypasses the small-talk phase of an interaction. So, it can build a connection immediately. This is the fast-track to romance.

Let’s have a look at the lady’s potential responses:

A) “Because my friends are all gone.”

B) “Because I must meet other people in ABC pub now.”

C) “Because I must meet others in ABC pub. That’s a better pub. Why don’t you come with me?”

Incidentally, if you notice someone that you are attracted to at any social event, you should use this line! 😉

“You and your friends are very cool. We should probably hang out sometime.”

If you are at a social event where there are many people, you would notice that a Slavic woman isn’t alone as she is surrounded by her friends. Indeed, a high-value woman rarely goes out alone.

This line takes all the pressure off as it doesn’t sound like you and this woman will go out for a date.

Pay attention to her response. If this lady is attracted to you, she will probably say something along the lines of, “Yes. We should totally hang out.” Now it’s time for you to ask for her telephone number.

I have several similar lines for you to use:

  1. You like salsa, too? We should definitely learn salsa together.”
  2. “You are interested in the new Leo DiCaprio movie as well? I am dying to see that movie. We should probably see the movie together. As we are seeing that movie, we will surely have a good time.”

Each of these lines has an external focus in it because salsa and the new movie aren’t about you two. In this way, you both feel less pressure as you can use the external focus to relax!

“I really have to get back to my friends now. Tell me your phone number and then we’ll see if we get along on the phone.”

In this case, you proactively make the exit to get back to your friends. As a result, you have already established the scarcity, so your perceived value automatically increases.

Now you also mention that you and this Slavic woman must get along on the phone before going any further. That means you are a cautious buyer rather than a desperate seller in the dating market. You have high standards.

If you really like her, you may even say this to her, “In fact, my friends and I will go to XYZ bar after this. I think you should go with us as you will surely like that bar. It’s pretty cool.”

Don’t use “come” in this line. You just use “go” – this is less about you and more about XYZ bar. So, she will feel that she must do lots of work before you find her truly attractive. I think she needs to invest in the interaction as well!

Also, if the Slavic woman is leaving this venue for another place with her friends, you may say, “That sounds very cool. Maybe you could send me a message when you get there and let me know how it is. I will see if it’s worth coming over or not.”

In this moment, you have to exchange telephone numbers, right?

If you have her phone number already, you can say this to her before texting her, “We should totally go to the fashion show next Friday. They have a DJ and good food there. It’s going to be great.” That will make sending her text messages much more natural later on, for you have already arranged a proper date with her.

“Always plant the idea of catching up with her again very early in the conversation so the Slavic lady knows that it’s a man-to-woman interaction rather than a boring discussion.”

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