How to make the most of an international matchmaking site

March 17, 2020 at 12.48pm by in International Dating
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In the online dating scene, reputable international matchmaking sites such as Simply Dating can help you find true love in record time. Today you can learn a thing or two from this article which shows you how to make the most of this online dating experience! 😊

It’s your responsibility to work on your dating profile and start conversations with single women from Eastern Europe.

Most dating websites have more men than women in their database – that’s the reality of internet dating in this day and age. Yet the good news is Eastern European women are very likely to respond to your messages, as single women who use an international matchmaking site already want to meet western guys like you. Therefore, the dynamics on an international matchmaking website can be very different from the dynamics on mainstream dating sites in western countries where dating is getting harder these days.

Chances are you’ll have to adjust your dating profile or profile photo according to the feedback you get from your internet dating experience. If most women that you have contacted don’t respond to your messages, it probably means you should tweak your dating profile or profile photo. Remember: ladies’ response is the feedback on your dating profile’s performance, and that’s fine – you just need to recalibrate accordingly. 😊

Indeed, Internet dating can look like a competition to some degree. You’re competing with a lot of guys on the dating site. A beautiful, elegant lady may receive many messages from a lot of men at the same time. So, you should find a way to stand out from the crowd quickly.

Sometimes investing in your dating profile and profile photo is a wise move. You may hire a dating coach to write / polish / improve your dating profile. Alternatively, you can improve your dating profile by yourself based on the following recommendations:

  1. Don’t include boring facts like “I like the beach”. Who cares? No one will remember anything on your dating profile if you just provide some basic fluff. To become memorable or unforgettable, you would be well-advised to be specific, engaging and interesting in your online dating profile. For example, you can write something like “The best place I’ve ever been to is Kangaroo Island in Australia.”
  2. You must avoid negativity at all times. If you complain about your boss, your neighbor, your mom, your ex, your anxiety, your past…, Eastern European women will not like your dating profile because they prefer positive guys.
  3. Never lie about your age or income. Truthfully, if you lie about your height a little bit, that’s not a big problem, as many women oftentimes search men according to a certain height range on an international matchmaking site – you should appear in their search results fast. Once an Eastern European lady meets you in person, she is not going to mind if you’re 1cm shorter, okay?
  4. Never go to extremes. If you look too confident, too funny, too smart…, that’s not a good sign. Yes, you can have a bit of each element; however, please don’t be too much. If you’re too smart, women might feel intimidated. If you’re too confident, you look arrogant. If you’re too funny, you don’t look reliable.
  5. If it’s possible, you should invest in your dating profile photo. Don’t use dumb selfies, please. Just take some really cool photos of yourself. If you have a friend who can take good photos, ask for help! Alternatively, you may consider hiring a professional photographer – this will pay you dividends in the long term because your love life is obviously very important to you. You can upload a high-quality headshot and several half body shots on your dating profile. Never wear sunglasses in your pictures as women want to see your eyes before they are able to trust you, okay?

Internet dating: online conversation techniques

If you don’t receive much positive feedback from women, perhaps you should be more mysterious. For example, when a lady asks you more than 3 questions in one text message, try not to answer all her questions in one message. 😊

Furthermore, please don’t use smileys in your text messages. Even if the Eastern European woman you are talking to uses smileys in her text messages, you shouldn’t use them as smileys only make you look childish 😊😉

Next, you don’t really have to respond to women’s messages very fast. Yet when you actually respond to a message, please make sure that the tone and the content are both warm, charming and positive.

If you are chatting with more than one woman online, you should filter them and select the ideal candidate carefully.

When you visit your lady in Eastern Europe…

Let’s say you’ve met a great lady online and you are going to visit her in Eastern Europe. That’s wonderful! Before you start your trip, take some notes 😉

  1. As a guy, you should pay on dates. I know in many western countries such as the United Kingdom and Australia, some women are willing to go Dutch with men – they are happy to pay their own bills. In the United States, some women may offer to pay as well. Yet most Eastern European ladies don’t have that habit, for in their culture, men are supposed to pay, even if they are not even dating! That means if you are dating an Eastern European girlfriend, you should pay on every date. So, when your lady offers to pay AND you allow her to pay on a date, chances are you won’t see her again – there is no second date. Well, she is just trying to be polite, so you should pay in the end. In Eastern European culture, people believe that men are supposed to provide and protect if they are masculine men.
  2. Eastern European brides think men with a vision are better than men who only have attractiveness. That basically means a guy who has six-pack muscles might be unsuccessful with women in Eastern Europe. Of course, being handsome can help in many ways; nevertheless, if you want to marry a high-quality bride, you have to have other qualities. Usually, brides from Eastern Europe prefer ambitious guys. That means visionless men don’t have any competitive edge in the international dating scene.

The conclusion:

Make sure you spend time improving your dating profile and pictures. Women are also very visual – they prefer presentable men. If your profile and pictures are terrible, you won’t have results. Your profile photos should showcase your interesting lifestyle and your fun side, e.g. a photo of you having drinks on the balcony, a photo of your surfing, a photo of your traveling in New Zealand – these can surely help. Note that your pictures aren’t about how handsome you look; they are about how interesting your way of life is. Don’t write “my life is good fun” in your dating profile; you need to show women that you actually have a fun lifestyle (don’t tell them; just show them).

“Never send copy-and-paste generic text messages to all women you contact on an international matchmaking website; every message should be personalized / tailored!”

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