How to maximize your attractiveness & date Ukrainian ladies effortlessly

March 5, 2020 at 1.20pm by in Slavic Women

When you have higher status and better looks, you need less attractive behavior. When you have lower status and worse looks, you need more attractive behavior. This is something that most people don’t want to tell men, but it’s true. In order to meet and date a Ukrainian lady effortlessly, it’s obviously much easier to work on your attractive behavior because honestly, it’s harder to change someone’s status and looks overnight, but it’s a bit easier to change someone’s behavior pretty quickly, right? 😊

Become an avid reader and work on your conversational skills.

Ukrainian brides are generally very intelligent and well-educated women because the Ukrainian culture highly values education. Therefore, if you’d like to become a very attractive guy, perhaps reading more books / becoming a great conversationalist before visiting your lady in Ukraine is a super idea. Truthfully, most excellent conversationalists are very avid readers because you can only passionately / confidently talk about stuff you actually know and make the conversation engaging at the same time. Frankly, if you keep reading this blog regularly, you will gain a wealth of knowledge regarding how to become a very attractive man who can attract Ukrainian women effortlessly.

Be the leader in the interaction.

Ukrainian ladies like men who are able to lead; thus, when you are talking to a woman in Ukraine, you would be well-advised to become a leader in the interaction. For example, as you’re talking with a lady on a first date, you should totally maintain eye contact and look like a leader.

When the time is right, you need to go in for the kiss first instead of waiting for the lady to do it (which probably won’t happen at all). Asking a lady whether she wants to kiss or waiting for a very long period of time to do that is not really attractive. If you don’t even try something, you won’t know what you could have done. So, being a true leader gives you the chance to have everything you want and deserve without missing out on anything awesome. Having said that, you need to remember: Never kiss an elegant lady suddenly – you need to build enough tension / attraction and then go in for the kiss. Of course, if she gives you the cheek instead, that’s okay. Or if she doesn’t want to kiss, you can still apologize immediately. There is nothing wrong with that – it only means this elegant lady needs more time to warm up.

Build emotional connection with your lady.

Most people think women are much more emotional than men. Yet it doesn’t mean men don’t care about emotional connection. As men and women are both interested in emotional connection, this element is definitely the most significant factor in a romantic relationship. Scientists have discovered that even animals have emotions, let alone humans. In terms of dating a Ukrainian lady, you should know that building enough emotional connection has to be your priority. Let me explain.

An elegant lady is looking for a genuine man who would like to start a real relationship with her. As a result, she needs to have sufficient emotional connection with a guy before the relationship becomes official. Without emotional connection, the relationship isn’t even real.

Most Ukrainian women have traditional values. That means they really believe in true love, authentic love. So, you need to have more shared experience with your girlfriend from Ukraine, thereby building a deep and strong emotional connection with her gradually.

Build a shared vision with your lady from Ukraine.

A shared vision isn’t really the same as very ambitious goals with someone. But of course, if you and your girlfriend share some highly ambitious goals, that’s wonderful.

In reality, a shared vision means the interest that you share with your lady. I’m not talking about hobbies only; interest can be benefits that you share (or would like to share). Please let me explain.

If a couple have kids, taking care of their kids is a shared interest. If a couple has a company, gaining profit from the company is a shared interest. If a couple don’t want to get divorced because they never want to hurt their parents’ feelings, staying married and protecting their family’s feelings can be a shared interest, although this is more commonplace in traditional societies where arranged marriages and traditionalism are mainstream. Basically, you’ve got the main idea – you should have some external factors which could help you keep your lady in the long term.

In many romantic relationships, the shared vision is the only thing that makes the marriage / relationship actually work in the long run. And there is nothing wrong with that 😊 It’s just a part of the reality (AKA the uncomfortable truth). By the way, I’m not saying your romantic relationship with your lady will also end up like this. I mean you may consider incorporating some shared interest / vision in the blueprint of your love life so your lady will want to be with you for a very long time.

When you build a shared vision or mutual interest / benefits, please make sure it’s actually a win-win scenario. If you are giving your Ukrainian lady value all the time and the relationship becomes a one-way street, sooner or later you’ll become confused, exhausted, disappointed and upset. That’s why you need to make sure that your own needs are also met in the relationship. Actually, I would like to encourage you to ensure that your needs are met first, and then you will have the bandwidth / energy to take care of your Ukrainian girlfriend’s needs and look after her well.

How to increase your perceived value:

When you are on the first date with a lady in Ukraine, you might feel nervous. But don’t worry – I’d like to show you how to build your own perceived value so that you can become a high-value guy in her eyes instantly and then you won’t be nervous anymore!

Say this to the lady, “Beauty is quite common in Ukraine, so in which way are you different from other ladies in Ukraine?” Now she will want to find a way to impress you, and that’s exactly what you want – you are also showing your high standards in this process.

Ask the lady, “Can you cook?” Now in this lady’s mind, she will begin to picture cooking for you if there is real chemistry on the first date. In the Ukrainian culture, ladies should cook for their husbands, so when she can see it’s a conversation between a guy and a lady instead of a “we’re merely friends” scenario, she will want to impress you further on the first date. In conclusion, when your perceived challenge increases, your perceived value also increases accordingly.

“Make sure you build your perceived value on the first date with a Ukrainian bride so that she will know you have high standards.”

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