How to meet Ukrainian women on a high-quality dating website

June 17, 2020 at 7.46am by in Online Dating
Ukrainian bride

According to a recent survey on a high-quality dating website, more and more men are looking to date high-caliber women these days.

Why top 10 women choose online dating:

Now you may wonder, “High-caliber women have abundance in life, so why would they need to use online dating sites?”

That’s a great question.

Let me explain.

Most high-value women are busy. For instance, every female entrepreneur/CEO that I know is very, very, very, very busy. And that is not an exaggeration.

Therefore, chances are these women don’t have time to go out and meet men after work. This is the reality of high-value women’s life.

What you’ve seen on TV isn’t real. Someone like Samantha Jones wouldn’t have the energy and time to date hundreds of men. Think about it – Samantha Jones is a PR executive, but her work is best characterized by going to parties and drinking cocktails. If you think that’s what a PR executive does for a living, then you are wrong.

In reality, PR executives are busy with helping clients to get more media attention, writing content for clients’ products and/or services, thinking about new ideas and concepts for clients’ businesses, and so forth. Their work isn’t easy and definitely not as glamorous as Samantha Jones’s PR work.

As a result, a lot of high-quality women who are self-made entrepreneurs actually use high-quality dating websites in order to find love. This is a much more efficient option for them.

If I were a man….

Many years ago, when I was studying psychology at university, the professor asked us an interesting question, “If you can change one thing about yourself, what would you like to change?”

My answer was quite provocative at that time – I said, “I’d like to become a man so that I can chase whoever I’m interested in. As a woman, I can’t really do the chase because most men would freak out if I pursue them. But if I were a man, I could go for any woman that I’m attracted to.”

In many high-quality women’s reality, that’s something they face every day – they can’t really chase men because a lot of men just freak out when women are chasing them.

Nevertheless, when a high-value woman has joined a high-quality dating website, the dynamics can be very different. Because online dating isn’t face-to-face interactions, men feel more comfortable when they receive messages on the Internet from women.

The best-selling book “The Rules” teaches women not to send messages to men online because women should not look desperate. But I disagree with the author of that book in this regard because empowered women wouldn’t wait until something happens; empowered women go out and happen to things.

That’s what I’ve seen when it comes to high-value women’s online dating activities: these high-caliber women actually send messages to men first because they are not waiters; they are creators. In life, you either wait or create. Hence, when you are on a high-quality dating website to look for a top 10 woman, you would be well-advised to read messages that women send to you – these women are much more likely to be capable women who are go-getters.

Define your own top 10 women.

Of course, I acknowledge the fact that every man has his own definition of “top 10 women”. For some men, high-value women are top 10 women. For other men, pretty women are top 10 women.

According to my observation, there are many successful men who are married to unattractive women because these men’s definition of top 10 women is wealthy women rather than good-looking women.

Indeed, successful men are more interested in marrying high-value women because they don’t want to be taken advantage of & they certainly don’t want to marry gold-diggers who only get cash and leave quickly.

But it doesn’t mean all successful men have the same definition when it comes to top 10 women. There are certainly many successful men who are married to attractive women rather than successful women.

Anyway, if you are a man looking for a high-caliber woman, you have to know exactly what you are looking for, i.e. defining your type first.

Based on a major study conducted by a high-quality dating website, the majority of men looking for high-caliber women are actually looking for high-value women because beauty is common (in fact, pretty ladies are everywhere), but intelligence is less common.

I appreciate their honesty.

Become like-minded.

Like I said previously, capable women are happy to contact men first on a high-quality dating site. Thus, you should also contact high-caliber women proactively online – you have to be equally brave.

Please note that high-caliber women don’t like timid men. They are turned off by timid men (read: losers).

Therefore, it is your responsibility to send messages to top 10 women who meet your standards.

Having said that, it doesn’t mean you are going to become a spammer. In fact, sending 100 messages by copying and pasting something each day will only take you so far, because top 10 women can identify the generic message that doesn’t mean anything.

When you decide to date a top 10 woman, you have to tailor the message according to something that you’ve seen on her dating profile. Here are some examples:

  1. Hi Blue_Eyed_Babe, I like your profile and photos. By the way, I also miss Spice Girls.” (In this message, you are saying you like her profile and photos, but you didn’t say you like her, so she has to prove herself to you. More importantly, most women’s online dating profile photos are very different from what they actually look like, so the majority of women will have to prepare really well before going out to meet you in person. Furthermore, when you tell her that you also miss Spice Girls, that means you’ve actually read her dating profile and you two have something in common – that’s romantic.)
  2. Hello Jet_Set_Lady, I like your profile photo. And I also like Titanic. In fact, I secretly cried when I was seeing Titanic in the cinema.” (In this message, you indicate that you’ve read her dating profile which says she likes Titanic. This makes you look endearing because you “secretly cried” – of course, as a man, you are not supposed to cry according to mainstream standards, but your vulnerability will make you stand out from the crowd in the online dating space.)
  3. Hey Lily_in_the_Valley, I like jazz as well. In fact, I’m going to a fascinating jazz bar this afternoon. I think you should come!” (In this message, you are already inviting her somewhere. Remember: inviting somebody to something is adding value to this person’s life. And don’t forget that top 10 women like men who can take action, so in this case, when you say “I think you should come”, you are saying a statement which is more powerful. If you ask “Would you like to come?” then she is much less likely to join you because it’s a question which isn’t strong enough).

“Ukrainian women are high-value women.”

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