How to nurture a long-term relationship (online dating advice)

October 25, 2020 at 8.54am by in Online Dating
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There is a difference between finding a serious relationship and maintaining a long-term relationship. In fact, every meaningful relationship needs to be nurtured properly. Otherwise, it will not grow into the right direction in the long run. In other words, managing a marriage is similar to managing a company to some degree – you have to master some management skills in the first place! 😉

The most important advice that you don’t get on other online dating sites:

Perhaps a couple have been married for five years and now they have problems. However, as a matter of fact, the root of their problems didn’t arise recently. In fact, the seed of their problems was oftentimes planted very early in the marriage. Now it has grown into a big tree. That happens because this couple didn’t set their standards correctly at the beginning of their marriage. At the beginning, they were so crazy about each other; they were truly, madly, deeply in love. As a consequence, they forgot the most important part of a marriage: standards.

An example for Eastern European ladies to read: You would like your husband to have a date night with you once a week. Nevertheless, he wants to work seven days a week and cannot spend much quality time with you. Yet he is handsome and successful; therefore, you still like him. The problem is: That love and attraction will not last for a long time. Indeed, at the beginning, you really like him. Nonetheless, in the long term, you may hate this marriage. Then you wonder why you are ruining your marriage by getting angry very frequently. The truth is you didn’t set your standards early in the marriage. It’s not your fault; it’s your responsibility. Having said that, it doesn’t mean you should blame yourself. Yes, it’s definitely your responsibility to set your standards early because it’s your marriage. This is very important when it comes to stopping yourself from ruining a marriage.

How to communicate your non-negotiable standards to your partner (key advice on online dating):

Once you’ve set your standards in your marriage, you should share your standards with your partner in the right way. First of all, when you talk about your standards with your partner, remember to be kind, polite and sincere. It’s always easier for someone to accept your standards when they can see how sweet you are. We all know that we will attract more bees with honey than vinegar. In the second place, please do not play games. Honesty is the best policy while talking about your standards. Your partner will like your honesty. For instance, you would like your partner to spend more quality time with you. Yet your partner wants to work 16 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can say this to him/her, “Honey, I know your work is very important to you. I really admire your work ethic. Honestly, it will be better for our marriage if we can spend more quality time together every weekend, because I do miss you when you are working so hard all day every day, including Saturday and Sunday.” In this example, there is no “but”. Truthfully, without “but”, it’s much easier for your partner to listen to you.

The more you think about your partner’s good qualities, the more these positive qualities come forward. When you tell your partner that you love it when they buy you gifts on Valentine’s Day or your birthday, your partner will become a better, more loving person. That is because once you’ve talked about your partner’s positive quality, he/she will want to go to that direction even further. In contrast, many people tend to complain about their partners’ negative qualities. That’s exactly how people ruin their marriages. They say things like, “Don’t waste money on books” rather than “Honey, as we need to save money for our house, I’d appreciate it if you could borrow books from the local library instead of buying books on the Internet or in the bookstore.”

Why Simply Dating offers profound online dating advice:

Because is all about introducing genuine Eastern European women to men in other countries, we believe in serious & long-term relationships. Therefore, we only talk about how to build and maintain real & meaningful relationships so that people who would like to be happily married can enjoy their relationships, satisfaction and happiness in the long term.

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