How to recover from a breakup, move on & meet an Eastern European woman

Eastern European lady

If you are still recovering from a breakup, please note that not every relationship is supposed to last forever. Just because a romantic relationship ends, it doesn’t necessarily mean it has failed. During a breakup, probably the right thing to do is to let it go as you are not suited any longer. Only in this way can you find the strength to move on and find the right person, e.g. an Eastern European woman.

Clasping to illusions, fantasies and ideals & getting swept up with what you think should happen is pretty short-lived. While dealing with a breakup, people who truly understand and desire growth, honor, depth and devotion will surely respect that relationships are actually not guaranteed. When you are breaking up with someone, you must acknowledge the fact that sometimes you just have to let that person go so both of you will be able to find love and depth eventually. In truth, you can break up with someone in a loving & open-hearted way.

Once you have understood this key point, you will realize that your romantic partner is choosing to be with you and stay with you rather than feeling obligated!

Closure or completion?

If a relationship ends, you don’t really need closure as that’s actually completion.

When a relationship ends, it really doesn’t mean it has already failed. Actually, it only means the relationship is probably meant to end at this point – and that is okay. You just must accept it.

Clearly, surrendering to destiny is the single most powerful thing you should do in life, for though you need to be proactive and you are supposed to take action, life would be much easier when you believe in fatalism, particularly in terms of your love life.

You would be well-advised to stop resisting the plan of destiny and begin surrendering to your destiny, thereby accepting what’s happened. Incidentally, if you actually think of it, you will figure out that though the relationship ends, it is still meaningful and valuable because your ex surely added great value to your life in that relationship, right? Thus, why don’t you focus more on the positives in it?

Meet an Eastern European woman by design (not by default).

If you are attracted to an influential Eastern European lady, you should totally meet her by design. Let me explain.

Let’s say you like an Instagram model. As a matter of fact, you can contact her on the Internet by saying, “I’d like to write a blog post about an influential woman, and I would like to interview you.”

Since a blog post will increase her publicity, she will probably say yes to that request!

Well, if Anastasia could meet Christian Grey in this way, you can meet your dream lady in this way as well!

Then you’ll simply organize a high-quality meeting with her – perhaps you can meet with her in a coffeehouse nearby on Friday afternoon.

When you meet this Eastern European woman in the beautiful coffeehouse, please make sure that you look presentable. What’s more, you must prepare some meaningful questions to ask her in advance. Your questions should be intriguing and interesting! She will be impressed by your intelligence!

“A high-value Eastern European lady needs you to admire her, understand her, respect her and like her because of her character.”

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