How soon will she reply?

October 24, 2019 at 2.40pm by in Slavic Women
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Very often we hear a question from our clients “How soon will she reply?” However, it is a difficult question, thus let’s discuss it today.

We live in a time of technical progress, when there are lots of ways to communicate with each other, such as different messengers and sites.

Certainly, using any of these ways for communication we usually expect to get a response as quickly as possible.

But is it as simple as it seems?

When you write a letter on the site your only question is “How soon will I receive an answer?”

Another question you should also ask is “How soon will I answer?”

Due to a busy schedule, today everybody has lots of things to do: work, household duties, taking care of family and friends.

Above all, modern ladies do not stay at home, they want to create a great career ladder and spend a nice time at work.

They are as busy as men.


They may also come home late with the only wish to sleep.

Certainly, it doesn’t mean they are too busy to build relationships. In contrast, it means they just need some time to answer. Likewise, ladies try to be online when it’s the most comfortable time for them.

Most noteworthy, you should mind the time difference. You and the lady are living in different countries and in different time zones. The difference in time may be so huge that the lady may go to bed while you are eating breakfast.

Big letters

big letters

Seems like a reason for the delay of the lady’s response to you may be because of big letters. The more information you write in your letter the more time it will take to answer it. In order to understand all the information correctly and don’t miss anything ladies read the letters very attentively. Consequently, it may take some time to think about what to answer and how to make a letter complete.

Some men think that the situation will change after exchanging contact details. It looks like: “Well, I have her personal phone number, now she will answer in a second.” Please, don’t think that way, because it isn’t right. Yes, it will be more suitable as the lady doesn’t need to log in to the site. And maybe she will really spend more time on communication than before.

However, she will still work and do her duties. So she will still need some time to answer your messages. Don’t be disappointed if you haven’t received a response in 2 or 10 minutes. Just be patient and give your lady some time to answer.

We hope this information will help you to understand your lady better.

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