How to ‘speak’ a Ukrainian woman’s love language

June 5, 2020 at 10.13am by in Slavic Women
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It is said that most relationship problems are caused by misunderstanding. For instance, when you think giving your partner a gift is a way to show your love, your partner actually thinks receiving a gift without spending quality time with you indicates lack of love; hence, the conflict arises. Obviously, misunderstanding love expression (love languages) is the biggest reason why relationships are hard. Hopefully you will identify your Ukrainian lady’s love language soon!

Nobody acted wrongly but perceived wrongly because of our own love languages.

Due to the nature of my work, I know many couples’ true stories. Some of those aren’t the most pleasant stories in the world. But as I see it, everyone just did what they could with what they knew at that time – nobody had any bad intention in most cases. Yet why are relationships so hard? This was a myth until the five love languages are identified.

The five love languages: words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time and physical touch.

Some people’s love language is words of affirmation, e.g. compliments and “I love you”. Those who are in this category are generally considered as “extraverts”.

Some individuals’ love language is acts of service, e.g. doing housework & supporting their partners’ work/career/business. Many “introverts” are in this category because they tend to say less and do more.

As to receiving gifts, this love language is quite obvious – when these people receive gifts from their partners, they feel truly loved because gifts actually make them very happy and satisfied.

Quality time is a very common love language. In my opinion, your time is your most valuable asset because you can always get your money back, but you can’t get your time back. Therefore, if you are willing to spend quality time with your partner, that definitely shows your love in a tremendous way.

In terms of physical touch, statistics show that people from certain cultures are more likely to prefer this love language. For example, individuals from Italy, France, Spain and most Latin American countries like physical touch. Having said that, we shouldn’t have any stereotypes, so I think anyone can have any of the above-mentioned love languages.

Typical examples of the five love languages:

  1. Words of Affirmation: When your partner comes back home from work, you say, “Darling, I miss you so much today.” When your partner shows appreciation, you say, “Oh, I get satisfaction by giving you happiness. Loving you is the best decision in my life.”
  2. Acts of Service: You’ve noticed that your partner is unwell, so you organize an appointment with the doctor for your partner. Your partner is interested in meditation, you send a link to the best meditation website/music to your partner.
  3. Receiving Gifts: You give your Ukrainian wife a box of chocolate on Valentine’s Day. On her birthday, you give your Ukrainian bride a birthday card made by yourself.
  4. Quality Time: Every Saturday, you stay at home with your partner and enjoy each other’s company. Every year, you and your partner fly somewhere for a vacation together.
  5. Physical Touch: Intimacy is important to you and your partner. You give each other a massage at least once a week.

Basically, the five love languages are easy to understand. What’s more, applying this concept is simple (but it’s not easy). Therefore, you should be aware of this potential challenge and be proactive in this journey.

What You Need to Know About Online Dating Before Meeting Someone in Person.

Online dating is an exciting journey because it gives you abundance in your love life – options lead to abundance; abundance leads to freedom! Before you meet someone from a dating website, you would be well-advised to know the following key ideas 😊

The first date should happen in a public venue.

Your safety is your No. 1 priority; therefore, the first date has to happen in a public venue (e.g. a coffeehouse, a restaurant, etc.). Actually, a coffeehouse is better than a restaurant because a coffee date is more effective than a dinner date. Let me explain.

If this person is boring, you can find an excuse to end the coffee date early because the coffee date can last somewhere between 20 minutes and 2 hours. If you like this person, you can stay in the coffeehouse for a longer period of time 😉

But if it’s a dinner date, you probably have to sit in the restaurant for at least 2 hours, no matter this person is boring or not ☹

Watch a romantic movie before the first date.

A romantic movie can give you romantic feelings before the date happens – this can help you prepare the right mood for the date.

Also, watching a romantic movie is a good way to relax yourself at home (most people feel slightly nervous before the first date, which is totally understandable).

Act “as if”.

If you want to have more confidence, you should act as if you are already the best version of yourself. Write down your new Identity Statement and be the person you want to become now! Do this before the first date!

Why Online Dating is the Fast-track to a Successful Love Life.

One decade ago, Internet dating was a taboo topic. But nowadays online dating is mainstream, if not the only way to meet someone suitable. Even Tom Bilyeu famously said, “If I were single, I would definitely try online dating.”

Online dating has a scientific matchmaking algorithm that can’t be found in real life.

Let’s say you only meet Ukrainian ladies in real life – chances are there isn’t any practical matchmaking algorithm, so you have to rely on destiny. Basically, that means offline dating is just like allowing destiny to do whatever it wants to your love life, and that’s not the most proactive way to be in charge of your own life.

In contrast, online dating solves this problem directly because reliable dating websites such as use a matchmaking algorithm to introduce suitable singles to each other.

A trustworthy dating site can help you meet people that you wouldn’t be able to meet in real life.

Truthfully, everyone’s existing social circle is limited, so if you depend on your social circle, perhaps it’s hard for you to meet someone you absolutely adore because in order to find quality, quantity matters.

Fortunately, on a Ukrainian dating website, you can meet many suitable candidates in a short period of time. Once you have options, you’ll choose the ideal candidate faster 😉

Online dating saves you a lot of time.

Offline dating is characterized by going to parties and socializing with people, which takes lots of time, and time is your most valuable asset, because you can always get your money back, but you can’t get your time back.

“The good news is on a dating website you can find dates right now.

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