How to Strengthen the Connection & Avoid Breaking up with Your Ukrainian Girlfriend

January 29, 2020 at 2.00pm by in Slavic Women
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Truthfully, most relationships ended before a couple break up. In order to avoid breaking up with your Ukrainian girlfriend, you must build a deeper emotional connection in the first place.

Occasionally spending some time apart is good for a romantic relationship.

I know this could sound a bit surprising or unexpected, but please let me explain.

Building a deeper emotional connection doesn’t mean you must spend as much time together as possible. In a romantic relationship, it’s very important that you keep that spark going once you and your Ukrainian girlfriend are in the comfort stage.

I’m not saying your girlfriend from Ukraine will get bored of you if she sees you too much, yet she will start to be so used to having you around that she doesn’t realize how much she actually appreciates you.

Several days apart will make your Ukrainian lady realize the qualities she likes about you, the things she misses and saying bye for some time will make saying hi again much more stimulating.

Remember: spending a bit of time apart from each other can keep that excitement in the relationship fresh.

Sharing new experiences with your lady from Ukraine can also strengthen the emotional connection.

When you pursue new activities with your woman from Ukraine, it bonds you closer to her emotionally. That explains why vacations are a very strong step forward for a romantic relationship – because two individuals have a new and unique experience together that creates a very strong bond due to the shared memory.

Having said that, it doesn’t necessarily mean you must book your flight now. In fact, you can experience new activities together today. What is an exciting new café you keep meaning to go to? Or that museum you have wanted to browse around? It can even be a wine-tasting event or a picnic. It doesn’t matter what it is, so long as it gets you and your Ukrainian woman out of your boring daily routine and into something you can enjoy together.

What destroys relationships?

Everyone has patterns of behavior in their lives that influence the success of their romantic relationships. Some people might repeat the same habits for months or even years and wonder why all of their relationships appear to end in the same way.

Now I would like to talk about what I’ve found as the most common reasons why couples break up. Please remember to avoid these if you want to keep your Ukrainian girlfriend.

  1. Jealousy

Jealousy is the most common factor that leads to breakups, but people don’t want to talk about it because it’s such a difficult and embarrassing topic. Generally, that’s when you bring your trust issues or insecurity to a romantic relationship and project onto a lady until she suffocates.

Fortunately, there are several ways to overcome jealousy effectively:

This is all about your core confidence. First of all, you could be struggling with trust issues as you want to control everything. You must let this go and accept that certain things are surely out of your control. (Yes, you read that right – I said “must”, not “should”). You cannot live your life obsessing over where your girlfriend is all the time or who she meets when she goes out with her friends. Note that you chose her for a reason – you chose her to be in a romantic relationship as you trusted her to be loyal to you.

If she feels like you don’t really trust her, she may become resentful of you and distance herself from you psychologically. And that’s not what you want.

Nevertheless, if your Ukrainian girl flirts with other men in front of you, you have to communicate to her immediately how this is making you feel. This is how to make her live up to your standards – when you notice that she outrageously flirts in front of you with another guy, you say this to her while driving home: “You know what, what you did today is such a turn-off.”

Please note that women want to turn on their men, so what you’ve told her is a big lesson – when she flirts with another guy, she turns you off. You are not rewarding her bad behavior at all. Then you give her a few days to process what you’ve told her. And her behavior will change as a result.

2. Neediness

If you’ve experienced any of the following things, you have been a victim of neediness emotionally –

Have you ever…

A) found yourself fishing for compliments from your Ukrainian girlfriend regularly as a source of validation and reassurance?

B) found yourself needing emotional support constantly?

C) found yourself getting all validation from her attention?

D) found yourself unable to have a good time away from your Ukrainian girl?

E) found your plans being at the mercy of what she feels like doing?

If you suffer from neediness, you won’t be fulfilled by your romantic relationship. As the neediness bug is greedy and selfish, it is always hungry. No matter how much reassurance or how many compliments you have got, you will still be depending on her to define the quality of your love life. This motivation doesn’t come from a position of power or strength because what it means is you enter a relationship to take things rather than giving and enjoying this romance. Don’t forget that neediness is the No. 1 emotional vampire in any relationship, especially in romantic relationships.

Luckily, there are many ways to overcome neediness:

First and foremost, you have to find time for yourself and have an amazing lifestyle outside of your romantic relationship. Most men think women will fill some hole in their lives, but that’s simply not true. Only you can fill some hole in your own life. My advice is never neglecting your hobbies, your career, your health and your friends. Remember to stay close to family and friends outside of your romantic relationship in order to strike a balance.

Ideally, you should avoid letting your romantic relationship overtake your entire life. Some men tend to slip into this state without knowing it and they drop their friends to focus on getting the romantic relationship right. But a man must remember that his amazing life is what made his Ukrainian lady attracted to him in the first place.

A romantic relationship can be the most important thing in your entire life, yet it’s not the only thing. When you make your romantic relationship the source of all your excitement, happiness and social life, you will be terrified of losing it, as you will have nothing to go back to when a romantic relationship with your Ukrainian girlfriend ends.

“Fear of loss indicates that one person in the romantic relationship thinks they are not attractive enough for the other person. Consequently, you may live in fear that she is going to leave you for some other guy or believe that she is too attractive for you and move on.”

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