How to attract Slavic ladies and make the attraction last

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Slavic lady

Slavic women are very elegant and presentable. If you are keen to attract one of them, you should learn some social skills in the first place!

Say thank you and then ask her a question.

As you are walking in the street and a Slavic woman is walking nearby, you should walk faster and ‘accidentally’ drop a pencil/pen/whiteboard marker on the ground – she is supposed to see you dropping that item. Then she will probably pick it up and say, “Hey! You dropped this just now.

In this moment, you make sure that your smile is as delightful as the sunshine in Florida. Then you take the item from her hand and say this to her, “Thank you! By the way, could you please tell me where the nearest Starbucks is?”

If she likes you, she might even take you there, especially if Starbucks is nearby. When that happens, you should totally buy her a coffee. Well, even if she doesn’t offer to take you there, as long as she is walking with you for a while, you probably still should invite her to Starbucks for an instant date then and there!

She will say yes if she is attracted to you.

If you see a Slavic lady in a café….

Okay, even if the above-mentioned scenario which requires you to drop something in the street doesn’t happen, you can still go to a café and make something else happen! Let me show you how.

(In a café.)

YOU: “You look so familiar. Are you Jennifer?”

HER: “No, I’m not. Have we met before?”

YOU: “Ah. I thought you were Jennifer from university. My classmate called Jennifer at university looks like you.”

HER: “Oh. Really? Which university did you go to?”

YOU: “I went to ABC University in Los Angeles. What about you?”

HER: “I went to XYZ University in Miami. I’m not Jennifer. Anyway, nice to meet you. I’m Alina.”

YOU: “I’m Don. Glad to meet you. This café has really good music, doesn’t it?”


Basically, you can keep this conversation going for a long time if you like. It all begins from ‘You look so familiar. Are you Jennifer?’

Slavic ladies

If you are chatting with a Slavic woman online….

Straight women want to be appealing to men. That’s just female psychology. So, you should find a way to make a Slavic woman want to impress you!

The best way to approach online dating is to set up the right foundation for a healthy relationship by chatting online in the right ways. Here is a list of lines that you can use when you are talking to a lady on the Internet:

  1. Are you so funny in real life, too?” (She will want to be funny in real life as well.)
  • URL VS IRL: In which situation are you more interesting?” (She will try her best to be an interesting woman.)
  • If we are on a real date, will you be good fun as well? Or is this trait only saved for online communication?” (She will be on her best behavior when she goes out with you.)
  • Are you more spontaneous in real life or online?” (She will want to be more playful and funnier on the real date.)
  • Would you like me to call you or should we be pen pals?” (She will prefer a phone call if she is interested in you.)

Meet a Slavic lady by design.

It’s 1:30pm on Friday. You are on the way to get some lunch. As you’re driving, a Slavic woman is driving in front of you. Now you follow her car.

When she stops her car near a restaurant, you stop there as well. As she enters the restaurant, you walk into the restaurant, too.

Now you ask her in an innocent way, “I’ve never been to this restaurant before. Could you please recommend something nice on the menu to me?”

She thinks this is totally random. If she likes you, she will be happy to recommend something good on the menu because she will think this is serendipity!

You simply keep the very pleasant conversation going and enjoy the lunch with her.

Then you can ask for her phone number and keep in touch with her. You will ask her out for a date if you two get along on the phone very well!

“Meet the woman of your dreams by design, not by default.”

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