How to be a high-value guy that Eastern European women admire

Eastern European women

This article will explain how high-value men operate in life, love and business – some of the information below might surprise you. 

  • High-value men don’t lack options.

No, I’m not saying high-value men are surrounded by beautiful women all the time. I mean if a high-value guy wants to find a girlfriend, he can do it in record time because he is a high-quality candidate. Therefore, if you are a single lady looking for a high-value guy, you will need to find out where high-value men are & you should be there, too! 

If you are a single guy looking for love, please be sure to build your value and your confidence by keep learning and improving yourself!

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  • High-value men believe in work/life integration rather than work/life balance.

Truthfully, work/life balance is overrated because nothing can be perfectly balanced. In contrast, work/life integration is more practical – a high-value guy knows how to multi-task in the right ways so he can be productive without getting burnt out. For example, when he is driving, he is having a telephone meeting with a colleague. When he is working out in the gym, he is listening to an audio book.

  • High-value men focus on the big picture instead of small details.

A high-value guy isn’t petty. He focuses on the big picture rather than small details that stress people out. In business, he delegates small details to his assistant/employee so that he can keep focusing on the big picture and high-leverage tasks. 

Eastern European women
  • How to read a high-value woman like an open book:

Quality single ladies from Eastern Europe are very different from the average Jane that you can see in the street. So, if you are interested in dating a high-value Eastern European woman, you must read this section. (Yes, you read that right. I said “must”, not “should”.) 😉

1)A high-value woman highly values integrity and reliability.

Since a high-value lady has achieved a lot in life, she understands the importance of integrity and reliability. Therefore, she is very likely to look for an honourable man who respects her and cherishes her. In other words, you would be ill-advised to play mind games with a high-value lady in dating and relationships.

2)Never underestimate a high-value woman’s intuition.

As a high-value woman, she is probably more intuitive than most people because she is sophisticated and smart – she has seen so many things. Thus, her intuition is pretty strong: if something is wrong, she will know it first. That being said, it doesn’t mean she must be a highly sensitive person!

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