How to be a more confident single man and chat with Ukraine women

July 18, 2022 at 8.47am by in Dating advice
chat with Ukraine women

In contemporary society, it seems that single people and married people are treated differently because single people actually pay more tax, get asked to sit in the corner of restaurants and have to deal with questions such as “Why are you single?” during Christmas dinner! So, if being single has affected your confidence, this article is surely written for you. Before you start to chat with Ukraine women, I’d like you to build your inner core (your solid confidence).

  • Focus on the benefits of your current single life.

In my view, people have to focus on the benefits of what they have: single guys should focus on the freedom they enjoy; married people need to focus on the love life they appreciate; those who have children would be well-advised to focus on the joy their children bring them.

As a single guy, you have the freedom to do pretty much whatever you want: you can order a pizza and watch movies at home; you can go out with your friends and have drinks until 1am; you can work on important projects on your laptop on weekends. You decide what to do in your life!

What’s more, research shows that single people have more potential to improve themselves because their lifestyle is generally more flexible. For instance, I’ve been single for a few years and my astrology mentor recently told me that I should change the way I operate in order to get the transformation from now to March 2023. Obviously, as a single individual, I am able to implement her advice quickly.

chat with Ukraine women
  • How am I going to change the way I operate?

Honestly, I have had hypervigilance for many years. Although I’ve read many books and talked to many counsellors about that, I think at the end of the day, I have to make a decision to change that paradigm. 

Last month, my manager was about to send an email to the senior manager. Before sending that email, she asked me to read the email first. After reading her email, I asked her to correct one grammar mistake in the email, but she said, “No. Just leave it as it is. That doesn’t matter. I’m sure the senior manager can understand what it means.”

That is indeed a very enlightening moment. For a very long time, I’ve been re-reading what I’ve typed no matter I was writing an email, an article or a text message. From now on, I will only quickly proofread what I’ve typed because I have decided to stop checking as well as overthinking/overmanaging life altogether.

So, if you are going to chat with Ukraine women online, please don’t worry about your grammar mistakes in your text messages too much. Just use your best English and make peace with the rest!

  • When you have a peaceful inner core…

Many years ago, a co-worker told me that he sometimes couldn’t sleep at night because he was going through the conversations that he had during the day after going to bed. In that moment, I suddenly realized that I wasn’t the only person who had that habit – I was also constantly thinking about the conversations that I had with people.

After talking to a psychologist, I realized that thinking of the conversations that already happened is mental checking – that is a type of hypervigilance as well. Therefore, the psychologist asked me to do more physical exercise which could alleviate the anxiety.

I have tried dancing at home and going to the gym, but the best physical exercise is to get a blue-collar job according to my experience. As a result, now I am a part-time employee in a fashion store – these days I unpack boxes, clean the floor, serve customers…. Sometimes I am able to fall asleep within 2 seconds after going to bed. For example, one day I woke up with my glasses on and my phone in bed at 5am because I fell asleep immediately after I turned off the light! Clearly, having a blue-collar job is good for physical health and mental health because doing physical work is the cure for insomnia!

Yes, when you do more physical work, you are not in your head all the time; thus, you are able to maintain a peaceful inner core. When you chat with Ukraine women, you can demonstrate your inner stillness which is very attractive.

“When you maintain your inner stillness, you are an attractive guy.”

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