How to be attractive in a long-term international relationship

international relationship

When I was much younger, I thought I had to be perfect in order to have a relationship. As a result, I was trying to be perfect on the first date so that I could look successful effortlessly – an advanced degree, a good job, high-value friends…. even though I had to hide my vulnerabilities all the time. Yes, I was terrified of the insecurities that I had. However, now I have realized that attraction isn’t about being perfect. In fact, attraction is about how we handle our vulnerabilities, insecurities and imperfections. What’s more, long-term attraction in an international relationship is about bringing great value to somebody’s world. 😊

  • Do you have a compelling blueprint?

No, you don’t have to have incredible ambition. You simply need to let your lady know that you are going to an exciting direction that energizes this relationship. A man is naturally attractive when he sees the future as joyful, fun, bright and full of new horizons. Your lady will always want to join your journey when the ride looks appealing and the destination gives everyone excitement. 😉

  • How do you handle your flaws?

An attractive guy never dwells on the negative things in life. Instead, he just accepts the bad while making it into a hilarious joke rather than a stressful burden. Learn to laugh at your flaws.

Everyone has a past. Every man has truths about himself that really hurt. Nevertheless, if you are able to own it, it wouldn’t define you!

Meanwhile, please remember that you also have strengths. When you have things that you know you do very well and genuinely care about improvement, your lady feels attracted to you in the long term.

  • Lead with your positive energy.

You don’t have to be the life of the party, but you are supposed to bring joy to every occasion you join. Givers are attractive – they bring positive feelings to every room they enter; they demonstrate curiosity; they pay other people compliments; they give without expectations. When you give more happiness than you take, you are an attractive guy.

  • Be a multi-dimensional man.

Nobody can be 1 thing at all times. 

A man who mixes attractive traits is irreplaceable and fascinating. If you are smart and flirtatious, masculine and caring, you have unique pairings in your personality. Therefore, you can be the best guy in her world by developing different sides of your personality. This uncommon combination will certainly make you totally stand out in a society full of stereotypes.

Don’t obsess over one aspect of your personality. You shouldn’t have one source of validation in your life. 

You don’t have to be everything either. Nevertheless, you are supposed to maintain the element of surprise in your international relationship. In this way, you show you are more than just 1 thing in the long run.

  • Are you able to communicate clearly and cleanly with your lady?

When you are able to clearly and cleanly communicate what you want in an international relationship, you are a confident guy. Always be aware of what you deserve and be sure to make your desires crystal clear to your lady because she cannot read your mind!

In addition, you have to know your boundaries and never allow your lady to cross your boundaries in the relationship. She has to respect your boundaries and meet your standards.

As a man in a romantic relationship, you need to know your value proposition. Remember: what you can bring to the table surely has good value. So long as you know your worth as well as the value that you are able to provide, your lady will know it, too.

“An attractive guy is a confident guy who knows his value proposition and his true worth. He is a great catch and a high-value modern man that his lady admires forever. Do you have the above-mentioned amazing qualities?”

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