How to be efficient and find the time to do internet dating

internet dating

In modern-day society, most people are very busy. If you are a busy individual, you will surely benefit from this blog post because we are here to show you how to find time for Internet dating! Enjoy! 😊

  • Five things to do when you are getting in your own way

1. Identify the excuses that you’ve been using in order to avoid taking action.

2. Find out all the avoidance activities that you’ve been doing, such as trying to decide which outfit to wear so as to look successful and thinking about which color should be the theme color of your website – these are avoidance activities that make you feel busy; they are not the real action that can move the needle forward.

3. If you don’t feel successful, change the stories that you are constantly telling yourself instead of reinforcing your old stories about why you can’t be successful.

4. Be a big-picture person; don’t focus on small details that only stress you out. There is a time and a place for small details, but they shouldn’t dominate your life!

5. Hire a mentor who can see your patterns and break your patterns!

  • Five ways to manage your time more effectively so you’ll have enough time for internet dating

1. Look at your to-do list and ask yourself, “Does this have to be done? Does this have to be done now? Does this have to be done by me?” If the answer is no, you either eliminate the task or delegate the task.

2. Do the most important, urgent and challenging task first thing in the morning.

3. Figure out high-leverage activities in your work and focus on those. Minimize the number of low-leverage activities that don’t move the needle forward.

4. If you really want to get something done but you can’t do it, put it on the Universe’s to-do list rather than on your own to-do list. Let the Universe find a solution for you.

5. Unapologetically say no to things that don’t improve your bottom line.

internet dating
  • Five things to do when you lack direction in life

1. What are you good at? What do you love doing? What would the market pay for? The intersection of these three areas is what you are supposed to do for a living.

2. What did you like doing when you were 5 years old? Explore that interest now!

3. What is obvious to you but it’s amazing to others? Monetize that talent!

4. What are you curious about right now? Make your curiosity a business idea.

5. Who do you admire? Figure out why you admire that person and then develop those qualities in you!

  • Five things to do when you lack discipline

1. Minimize the activation energy that is required when you start doing something. For example, if you decide to go to the gym first thing in the morning, you’d better put your exercise outfit next to your bed before you go to sleep at night. In this way, it’s very easy to get ready for the gym when you wake up!

2. Limit how much time you spend on social media every day. Better still, don’t even use social media on your phone!

3. Share your goals with someone you trust, and then you will hold each other accountable.

4. Before you go to bed at night, ask yourself, “What have I done today in order to achieve my goal?” and then write down what you’ll do tomorrow in order to achieve your goal.

5. Give yourself a reward whenever your self-discipline has improved. For instance, you’ve written an article per week for 4 weeks now, so you’ll treat yourself by getting a massage! You deserve it!

“Are you a busy guy trying to find time for internet dating? Here are our best tips for you!”

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