How to be happy when you’re single (advice from dating agency in Ukraine)

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dating agency in Ukraine

How to be happy when you’re single (advice from dating agency in Ukraine

Statistics show that almost 50% of the adult population in some developed countries are single nowadays – 30% of the adult population live alone; those who don’t live alone aren’t necessarily married because they live with their family or housemates. According to Simply Dating (the leading dating agency in Ukraine), single people can be very happy – it all depends on how they manage/organize their lives! 😊

  • Treat yourself!

You probably take your family and friends out for dinner/movies/trips, but how often do you treat yourself?

Now I’d like you to spoil yourself more frequently. Please consider the following ideas:

  1. If you feel exhausted after work, don’t go home and cook dinner by yourself. Instead, buy a take-out (or takeaway for those who aren’t in the United States) from a restaurant on your way home.
  2. Being single doesn’t mean you have to be bored. In fact, you would be well-advised to get a massage every fortnight and get a haircut (which often includes a head massage) every month.
  3. Everyone has something that they want but haven’t got yet. If you really want that new phone/watch/laptop, write it down on your wishlist and reward yourself when you should. For example, you have achieved your goal in your career, why not buy yourself the new watch that you absolutely deserve? You’ve worked so hard. Just celebrate your achievement!
  • Date yourself!

Why not take yourself out for dinner/movie? Just give yourself the permission to enjoy life with or without a girlfriend because life is short. 😉

Maybe you don’t want to go to a restaurant for dinner alone because you might worry about how others would perceive you when you are sitting in the restaurant on your own. However, research shows that people are busy thinking about themselves, so they are not even thinking about you!

So, just go to your favorite restaurant and have a fantastic dinner by yourself, and then go to the movies and see the wonderful movie while eating your favorite ice cream!

When you do lots of interesting activities alone, you are more likely to meet a like-minded person because statistics show that there are many more single women than single men in this world. Also, while you are doing something that you genuinely enjoy, you will probably meet someone who shares the same interest with you!

  • When you meet a woman who gives you mixed signals….

According to the dating agency in Ukraine, many women give mixed signals when they interact with men due to the following reasons:

First of all, they are shy; therefore, they don’t want to proactively pursue men. Remember: 99% of women never pursue men proactively; hence, it is your job to pursue women that you like.

Second, women love male attention – this is a part of female psychology. Thus, they flirt with you even if they are only slightly attracted to you!

Third, for women, attraction actually ebbs and flows with time, meaning her attraction for you usually changes. That’s not like a light switch (but attraction for men is either on or off). Men and women operate very differently in this regard.

Last but not least, many women test men in order to see if a guy is a confident action taker who will act on the signals of interest or a beta male who will not take action.

If a woman gives you mixed signals, this is what you will do:

First and foremost, please don’t force a logical response from a woman because women are emotional (they are not really logical when it comes to attraction).

Next, you’d better assume that she likes you because if she doesn’t like you at all, she wouldn’t even give you mixed signals.

Finally, you must take action by asking her out tactfully, e.g., “I’m at ABC coffeehouse now and the decaf coffee here is totally divine – you should come!” Don’t ask, “Would you like to join me?” Just say, “You should come!” If she doesn’t come (or doesn’t suggest another time to see you if she is actually too busy to come this time), you know she simply wants validation; as a result, you must move on. Nevertheless, if she does come to the coffeehouse to see you, you know it’s on.

“Experts from the dating agency in Ukraine point out that single men can enjoy life with or without a partner.”

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