How to be successful in international dating & in your career post-COVID

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international dating

When it comes to international dating, you need to find out two things about a woman: 1) her motivations; 2) her emotions. If you’ve fully understood these two elements about a person, communication will be much easier!

  • Figure out her motivations and emotions.

What motivates this woman? In order to find out her motivations, you’ll need to know the answers to these questions:

1) Why does she want to marry a foreign man? / Why does she choose international dating?

2) What exactly is she looking for in a man?

3) Why does she want to leave her home country?

In terms of her emotions, please answer the following questions:

1) What makes her genuinely happy?

2) What is she worried about?

3) Why does she enjoy talking with you?

If you know the real answers to the above-mentioned questions, you will have a profound understanding of this Eastern European lady. Please note that at Simply Dating, we’ve already interviewed every lady in our office before her profile can be added to our database. Hence, we can guarantee that every lady is genuinely looking for a real relationship. We highly encourage you to use our video/audio chat feature to communicate with Eastern European ladies online so that you can know each other better.

international dating
  • A successful man derives confidence from various areas of his life, including his love life and his career.

This blog is all about helping you become successful, including being successful in your love life as well as other areas of your life. As vaccines have been found, we will be living in the post-COVID world soon. Therefore, it’s time to look at how to achieve career success post-COVID.

1) How to cope when you have a very difficult boss:

Remember: This is extremely common. Difficult bosses are everywhere. Luckily, there are a lot of ways to cope.

(Interestingly, this isn’t too different from what I’ve discussed above regarding international dating.)

First of all, you must figure out your boss’s motivations. Once you know what truly motivates this individual, you can manage up! Please answer the questions below:

A) What does this boss care about?

B) What possibly keeps this boss up at night?

C) How does this boss measure success?

D) What does this boss think about failure?

E) What scares this boss?

F) Why does this boss want to be here?

G) Why are you hired by this boss?

When you answer the above questions, you don’t need to be politically correct or diplomatic. Please be totally honest as real answers will uncover real motivations, thereby giving you a good understanding of how this boss operates as well as this boss’s why. And then you will be able to use your findings to cope.

2) Find out the boss’s strengths as well as weaknesses.

Although your boss is extremely difficult, this individual surely has certain strengths. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be the boss. Thus, you’d better know the boss’s strengths & weaknesses so that you will know how to make the boss look good.

At the same time, you have to work around the boss’s weaknesses so as to support the boss’s success. For example, if your boss is not very well-organized, it is your responsibility to help them in this regard – perhaps you should organize your boss’s calendar, appointments, etc. Don’t complain about the boss’s weaknesses. If this is your approach, you will gradually become irreplaceable in the workplace.

(Now if you think about international dating, you can easily see that you need to support your Eastern European girlfriend’s weaknesses too because nobody is perfect. If you want a successful relationship / a happy love life, this principle is very important.)

3) If the boss is a bully, you don’t really have to put up with that.

If you put up with the boss’s behavior, you are basically encouraging the boss to treat you badly. In other words, your response is teaching others how to treat you. Full stop.

Therefore, if you plan to call the boss on their terrible behavior, you should be prepared – as you communicate with the boss, your message should be clear, yet your attitude has to be positive and kind. (It’s harder for the boss to hate you if your attitude is always kind and positive.)

4) If the boss is absolutely hopeless, you must change your job.

Look, you may influence the outcome, but you can’t control the outcome. If the boss is totally hopeless, you would be well-advised to change your job so you will remain sane. You might either work for another department of this company or land a new job somewhere else. Do some research in advance so that you will identify a better solution.

“A lot of people find it hard to land a new job post-COVID as the economy isn’t great right now. As a result, maybe starting your own business is a pretty good idea. I understand that this is not an easy choice, yet life is not always about YES or NO when you see a new idea; oftentimes life is actually about ‘why not?’ Similarly, if you are considering international dating but you are not sure, you may say this to yourself, ‘why not?’😉”

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