How to be very natural with Eastern European women

Eastern European women

These days, many men have read a lot of books about dating and relationships. As a consequence, they often use scripts on dates. Unfortunately, that is not natural! Look, if you have to plan the A-Z of how to communicate with a lady, you won’t be natural. Yes, it is important to learn dating skills, but you have to be flexible and adapt what you’ve learned according to the specific context you are in!

  • Get out of your head.

If you have an analytical job (e.g., an engineer), maybe you are always in your head and can’t escape from all that theorizing. Please don’t be too analytical – you have to build a genuine and meaningful emotional connection with an Eastern European woman.

It’s time to work on practical skills which can make you more real, more present, and more successful in communication. Today, I’d like to share with you the magic of being truly natural with Eastern European women.

First of all, do you have great active listening skills? 

Even if you’ve totally memorized the perfect anecdote in the world to show off your conversation skills, it has to be used in the right context. By that I mean if that perfect anecdote is not relevant to the lady you are dating and where the interaction is at right now, she will be bored. 

Remember: it’s okay to tell her an anecdote that indicates what a great catch you are; just make sure you tactfully weave the anecdote into the interaction.

For instance, when she says something unusual, you can say, “Wow. That suddenly reminds me of [insert your anecdote].”

Actively listen to what she is actually saying, what she is genuinely interested in and what she truly cares about. This listening skill will help you identify the keywords that she uses, which will help you to create the next topic on the date. For example, if she says, “I’m from Ukraine, but I love France.” Now you can talk about your trip to France – People in France can speak English, but they prefer speaking French with you even though they know French isn’t your first language. 

Eastern European women
  • It’s not just about what she says; it’s also about how she says things.

In reality, only a part of the communication is through what we actually say. The rest of the communication is through the pitch of voice, tone, and body language.

Let’s say you start to talk about fashion, which is a common topic that most women like. Nevertheless, her response is pretty short. Well, that clearly means she isn’t very into fashion. As a result, you should change the topic immediately. In other words, you have to be well-calibrated on a date.

In contrast, if her response is long and her voice is filled with passion, that probably means she is quite interested in fashion. Now you may want to find out why she is so into fashion.

By the way, please let me share some commonplace reasons why women love fashion:

  1. She didn’t have good clothes to wear when she was a child. People tend to pursue what they didn’t have in childhood. 
  2. Artistic expression is very important to her, including fashion.
  3. She is a creative person who has a good sense of fashion.
  4. A combination of several reasons above.

If you mention a topic that might bore her (business, digital gadgets, etc.) yet this Eastern European woman’s eyes suddenly light up, you can forget about those limiting rules – just discuss this topic in detail!

  • How does she respond to you?

When she is reading a book at the table, you touch her glasses to scare her a bit (to flirt with her). Unlike other women who feel entertained by your playful move, she shows a frowning facial expression. Now you should say this to her, “Sorry, I have to admit that even though that was a playful and spontaneous attempt, we apparently have different senses of humor. But that’s okay. We will forget this because I’m still very curious to know whether you and I have anything in common. Why not start over?”

Very few men are so confident and socially savvy. Remember: dating skills will make an Eastern European woman feel genuinely connected to you, whereas lines can only take you so far.

“Please note that learning rules, lines and routines for dating is helpful to some degree, yet highly effective dating skills and being authentically natural with Eastern European women cannot be found from lines, routines and rules. Personally, I don’t like rules; I like principles that help people connect with each other at the moment.”

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