How to change your life while looking to marry an Eastern European woman

July 11, 2022 at 1.31pm by in Dating advice
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Yes, you can change your life. You have the power to create the life you desire. In fact, ultimately, only you can change your life because other factors may influence the outcome, but most of the time, you make decisions in your life – your destiny is shaped by the decisions you make! So, if you are looking to marry an Eastern European woman, please be sure to make the right decisions for yourself. 😊

  • Do you have a positive social life?

During the pandemic, most people don’t really have a social life anymore due to social distancing rules. Nonetheless, having a good social life is paramount because that can help us improve our mental health.

Loneliness is actually as harmful as smoking, according to a recent study. Some people go shopping just because they don’t want to be lonely at home (they simply go to shops and buy lots of stuff), yet that’s not a great habit. When you hang out with your friends, you feel genuinely happy because everyone is biologically programmed to socialize with other people. Nobody is supposed to be an island. 

The other day, an ex-colleague of mine asked me to go to a gallery where we saw his art collection. Even though that wasn’t a romantic date, I definitely feel that my wellbeing has been improved as a result – during COVID, I haven’t had many opportunities to interact with other people for a very long time and I certainly need human interactions.

If you don’t have a solid social life, perhaps you can ask someone out right now as currently, social distancing rules aren’t very strict anymore because the vaccine has been found already. Don’t wait for somebody else to ask you out; just ask someone out now!

Please note that social skills are just like a muscle that you need to use and exercise regularly. This is important because if you are looking to marry an Eastern European woman, you should have reasonably good social skills in the first place.

  • If you have nobody to go out with….

Mark Manson famously said, “The majority of men are very lonely. They don’t even have one person that they fully trust in life.”

If you feel lonely, you are not alone because so many men feel the same way. In contrast, women are very different – women like communities as they want to be a part of something.

Therefore, if you have no one to go out with, it’s perfectly okay to go out by yourself. For instance, you can go to shops without bringing your wallet – just treat shops like museums and appreciate the products that you like. A friend of mine love clothes, so he simply goes to upmarket clothing shops and tries the expensive outfits on without buying anything. He spends enough time in the fitting room in order to thoroughly internalize the positive feelings and emotions that the high-end outfit gives him. That’s totally fine!

Of course, if you are looking to marry an Eastern European woman, you may need to invest in a few good outfits that make you look great and feel fabulous because Eastern European women are fashion-conscious ladies who expect their husbands to be presentable. 

  • Do you need to establish some new habits?

Your habits become your life. As a result, if you are interested in changing your life, you might as well change your habits!

Jim has established some new habits:

  1. Read a book per fortnight – this new habit has given him a lot of interesting content to talk about when he goes out for dates with women.
  1. Learn a new song per week – this new habit has made him a Renaissance man as now he has some truly empowering talents.
  1. Work in a supermarket 3 days a week – Jim is actually self-employed (his business is pretty much automated as it’s a mature business); now he has decided to get a part-time job in a supermarket because he wants to do some physical work (he doesn’t like going to the gym).

“You can literally change your life by changing your habits.”

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