How to connect with Ukrainian women through meaningful conversations

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Ukrainian women

A well-known phrase for conversation skills is “How somebody is in one thing, they’re in everything.” That means if you find out how someone views themselves / one of their key traits / something that represents their identity, you are able to imagine how this individual would think and behave in other areas of life as well. 😊

  • This isn’t about which topic to talk about on a date.

The secret to wonderful conversations is about engaging with the traits a Ukrainian woman demonstrates as an individual – showing you truly understand her and then deeply connect with her. 😉

This begins with you listening to her very carefully and identifying her traits correctly. For instance, when you hear that she is punctual at all times, you know that she is probably quite detail-oriented, so you say, “I think you are very methodical with what you do at work.

Another example: You notice that this Ukrainian lady is quite spontaneous, so you say, “I guess you may go to Paris last minute to attend a concert.”

In other words, please do not get stuck focusing on what topic to talk about. Instead, just focus on identify who she really is and now you have much more flexibility in conversations.

What’s more, a topic isn’t as important as the way you talk about it. Let’s say you are discussing what she does for a living. Rather than focusing on how many years she has been working for that organization, you should totally ask this Ukrainian lady what motivates her to do her job well.

  • You will have endless conversations when you focus on personal traits.

Note that when you correctly identify her traits, you can change the topic and the direction of the conversation effortlessly. You can start a new topic by saying, “I can imagine … / You seem …” Now she will feel that you are making a guess in a playful manner about her qualities. Then she will confirm / deny your assumption. As a result, the conversation becomes engaging.

By the way, your assumptions do not need to be totally accurate, as this is actually about the conversation being dynamic and exciting.

A Ukrainian woman will love it when you show you truly notice who she really is as a person. Well, at the beginning of a conversation, everyone’s favorite topic is themselves anyway! 😉

  • Three layers of listening skills:

According to dating experts, there are three levels of listening skills.

The first level is responding to what she says. This is the basic level and most men can do it very well. But please remember not to ask 2 questions in a row. A key principle is: question – answer – statement.


Man: What do you do?

Woman: I’m a customer service representative.

Man: Oh. I bet you have very good people skills.

You would be well-advised to build the conversation up around what she has offered to the interaction.

The second level is listening to the emotional connotation of what she says – this is beyond logical words. In other words, what she is saying can be different from the tone in which she says something, so you’ll need to identify that properly.


Man: What did you study at university?

Woman: I studied Math. (In this moment, you’ve noticed that her voice is a bit down and she doesn’t seem to be excited; therefore, you know Math is probably not her favorite course.)

Man: Perhaps numbers aren’t the most exciting thing in the world. What are you really passionate about?

The third level is combining Level 1 and Level 2 so that you can generate an implied meaning to what she says.


Man: How was your weekend?

Woman: It was okay. I was listening to a podcast.

Man: I always listen to podcasts and audiobooks when I’m on the train and before I fall asleep at night. I find the audio content is the most relaxing, enlightening and educational resource these days. Actually, I haven’t told anybody about that in a very long time.

In conclusion, you’d better develop your skills to genuinely listen to a Ukrainian woman across all 3 levels. When you can listen to what she says, her emotions and her implied meaning, you will revolutionize your people skills. You will never run out of things to say.

“If you’ve mastered three levels of listening skills, you will be more perceptive, more present and have better conversations with Ukrainian women.”

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