How to fall in love and stay in love with your Ukrainian lady

Ukrainian lady

Men fall in love much faster than women do because: 1) men’s response is naturally quicker when they meet someone that they are attracted to; 2) men are not subtle. By contrast, women are more subtle and need more time to get to know someone and then they can gradually fall in love. Love-at-first-sight happens to men more frequently than to women because women need more warming-up activities before they actually fall in love with someone. I’m sure you know how to fall in love with a Ukrainian lady, as the fact that you are on this dating site means you are interested in meeting an Eastern European woman for a long-term relationship. But do you know how to stay in love?

  • Falling in love and staying in love requires very different elements.

When you fall in love, your experience a combination of visual chemistry, intense attraction and emotional connection. This can happen pretty quickly. Although women need more time, they are still able to fall in love with men within a reasonable period of time, for a new relationship is always exciting and everyone looks forward to it! 😉

In contrast, staying in love requires more effort. Please let me explain.

A few friends of mine told me that they want to be divorced because they can’t stand their spouses anymore. However, they are not sure if they should get divorced or not, so they ask me, “Is my marriage bad enough?”

My answer is simple and straightforward, “If you are not sure whether you need to get a divorce now, it means this marriage isn’t bad enough. The real reason you don’t want to get divorced right now is that you don’t want to be single & alone again and you have no idea what your life will look like when you are actually divorced. Therefore, you may try separation for a while and then see how it goes.”

Some people say they still love their spouses but are not in love anymore, which is understandable because the initial honeymoon phase will eventually fade away and the excitement would disappear, too.

Ukrainian lady
  • You have to cultivate excitement in a long-term relationship because it never just happens.

Nothing great just happens. Nothing great can last without attention and focus. You do not stay healthy and fit if you do not even pay attention to your fitness and health. You do not get rich if you do not focus on wealth creation. You do not have a wonderful business or career without a lot of effort. Nonetheless, many people assume that in terms of romantic relationships, they are supposed to remain strong without any effort. Consequently, a relationship oftentimes becomes dull and boring after a few years.

In order to keep the spark in a relationship, you don’t necessarily need to be 100% excited at all times, but you need three key components:

  1. You are teammates who can properly handle all of the logistics in life, e.g., raising children, paying the mortgage, etc.
  2. You are real friends who genuinely like each other’s company. You do many fun things together. You also do a lot for each other.
  3. You are authentic lovers who have a unique frequency and chemistry between you two.

Those are the 3 pillars of a successful romantic relationship with a Ukrainian lady. 😊

“Staying in love takes conscious focus as well as intent. Fortunately, everything you need to do in order to stay in love is rejuvenating, engaging and enjoyable! The only challenge is to proactively take this approach and actively engage in this approach.”

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