How to find confidence when you are looking for an international relationship

June 6, 2022 at 10.39am by in International Dating
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Research shows that men who are the most comfortable with failure are actually the most successful men. Please let me explain. 😊

  • What makes you confident?

In 2019, Timothy hired Thomas as his business coach as Timothy wanted to start an online business. During their very first coaching session, Thomas gave Timothy an assessment to do as they needed to figure out how much risk Timothy could tolerate. Interestingly, the result of the assessment indicated that Timothy couldn’t take a risk as his risk tolerance level was incredibly low.

My advice for you is to keep your day job as entrepreneurship isn’t for you,” Thomas said to Timothy, “We both know that entrepreneurship is the buzzword now; however, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s for everybody.”

Some business coaches out there would simply take Timothy’s money and tell him what he wanted to hear. Nonetheless, that wasn’t what Thomas did. Due to Thomas’s honesty, Timothy has kept his job and is now working on his risk tolerance level.

In other words, Timothy should only quit his current job and start an online business if his risk tolerance level is reasonably high. That means he must be comfortable in failure before he is able to run an online business. Otherwise, it’s bad for him.

Now you know when your mom tells you to find a real job, she just wants to protect you. You need to decide how much risk you are able to tolerate in the business world.

Many successful businesses are built by those who dropped out of universities or high schools simply because these people are the most comfortable with risks in business and negative experiences in their careers. Meanwhile, they are businesspeople who reap the most benefits as well.

I know this sounds a bit counterintuitive. Nevertheless, it’s the raw truth. You might worry that if you are very comfortable in failure, you will become a failure. But the reality doesn’t work in this way. In my view, comfort in failure only lets you act without fear, love without anxiety and communicate without judgement. It’s the end of the losers’ cycle in which insecure guys only become more and more insecure because they don’t have success and are worried about failure.

  • Why you need self-acceptance in an international relationship:

Truthfully, accepting that you are not confident will begin to make you feel more and more confident because: 1) you will not judge yourself any longer; 2) you will end overthinking.

Every man is flawed, and that’s all right. Just be okay with it.

I’ve received many messages from my readers on this blog and lots of them tell me a variety of issues in their lives that are totally normal. In actual fact, most men have had relationship issues; most men have family problems; most men feel anxious or depressed at some stage; every man wishes he is more successful.

These things are definitely not fun. Nonetheless, they are pretty old news because they are so common.

By the way, I’m clearly not saying you are not supposed to do something about the issues that you face right now. I’m just saying that you don’t need to chase perfection. Simply accept who you are. You are absolutely okay.

With this mindset, you will surely find it a bit easier to approach dating and relationships from now on. Before you start an international relationship, please have some self-acceptance! 😉

“Self-acceptance is the foundation of self-confidence. You definitely need that in an international relationship.”

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