How to handle challenges in online dating & succeed in your love life

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A podcast host once said, “Most people assume that the future is definitely going to be better than the past. Realistically, the future isn’t necessarily better, but the way you handle things in the future can be better – that makes the future better in your reality.” I really like that philosophy! Yes, challenges in life are inevitable. Nonetheless, the way you deal with challenges determines the quality of your life. 😊

  • Rejection is an unavoidable part of life.

As I see it, the more you can handle public rejection, the more successful you will become. What’s your response to a rejection?

In my opinion, you don’t have to hide how awkward a situation is. You can simply joke about it by saying, “This didn’t go very well. Now I’m awkwardly leaving the interaction.” Add an emoticon if you like. Don’t be a one-note guy. Display different sides to your character, e.g., embrace your flirtatious and fun side; at the same time, you are able to have meaningful and deep conversations that will move you and the lady deeply.

  • When you listen to her….

As you listen to a lady, please listen without any judgement. As a result, she will be more willing to open up, for she feels safe when she talks with you in an honest manner.

Because you don’t judge her, you respect her. Note that there is a difference between liking a woman and respecting a woman. Losing respect is certainly a precursor to losing attraction. If someone doesn’t respect you, she probably doesn’t need a date because she needs a therapist. From my point of view, respect is the prerequisite of everything in a romantic relationship. 😉

Please note that comfort will get you liked, whilst respect will get you attraction!

If you find your date mean, it’s perfectly okay to call her out by saying, “You are a bit mean”. Now how she responds to your words will tell you who she is. Fortunately, has interviewed every female candidate who joins our website, so we know every lady on this site is genuine. 😊 According to our research, there are 4 stages of positive dating: A) The chemistry is authentic. B) The emotional connection is real. C) Your lady wants you and treats you will true respect. D) She invests in you & loves you the way you need to be loved by her.

  • What not to do on the first date….

Let’s say you have a dinner date with a lady and that’s your first date with her. At the end of the dinner date, the bill arrives. In this moment, please don’t complain about money. I know you and your lady are supposed to have compatible money habits, yet complaining about money on the 1st date is inappropriate. 

If it’s possible, please ask her out for the second date. Men who are very good at dating are generally open to opportunities and what can happen rather than being dogmatic while saying, “I cannot do a relationship now” & shutting themselves off to love.

  • When you are in a relationship….

A very effective way to bring the beautiful spark back to a long-term relationship is to be slightly unpredictable in your actions. You can evolve and grow in an unexpected and interesting direction, remain curious, improve in fun ways and take some risks.

If you are married, do you have a secret garden you constantly nurture that makes others always curious and where you are able to escape to for a sense of separateness from your wife as well as mystery? Remember: distance leads to desire. Please look for the parts of life where you are able to dive into your secret garden. This can be a new goal, a destination, a passion, a very exciting project, a new way of being, a different style …. Those are the things that can keep you exciting to your wife in the long term, for you are growing and evolving in fantastic ways.

Don’t control others. Just focus on what you are able to do to fill your own cup & practice radical self-love without wanting the validation from other people.

“There are 5 pillars of a sustainable relationship: A) admiration; B) chemistry; C) connection; D) commitment; E) compatibility. Do you and your lady have compatible value systems?

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