How to have a rewarding relationship with a Russian woman

January 26, 2021 at 10.34am by in Slavic Women
Russian women

When I was about to write this blog post on a Sunday night, Savage Garden’s love song Universe is in the background, “… Universe inside your heart. You got to let me know, so you can be free, baby. You wanted it so much, and now that is over. You don’t know what you want….” Darren’s voice is as alluring as the lyrics in this love song. I made myself a cup of chamomile tea and started writing about why asking for what you really want is the best way to have satisfaction in a relationship with a Russian lady.

  • Why most people don’t know how to ask for what they want in love:

When we were growing up, we tend to go along with things that we didn’t really want to do, such as participating in concerts at school, flossing, where to go visiting during Christmas holidays, and so on. We learned to ‘go along with things’ as we were taught to be easygoing and polite.

That’s nobody’s fault. We went along with things that we didn’t want even though sometimes it was good for us, and even though it wasn’t good for us at all. We learned these things that we should do were much more paramount than how we actually felt about them.

When we got a bit older, we just got used to this habit. In other words, we got used to putting up with what we didn’t truly want or what we never asked for. Basically, we stopped asking for what we actually desired or wanted. Moreover, we got used to having our standards violated and boundaries crossed. As we tried to speak up, our parents told us that we should stop thinking about ourselves, we were simply back-chatting or the world doesn’t revolve around us.

For some individuals, this is an entire lifetime of not honoring what they deeply want/need. That’s exactly why when I ask some individuals what they actually want, their default answer is ‘whatever you like’, ‘whatever is simple/easy’ or ‘it doesn’t matter’. Indeed, nobody wants to become a burden. Nevertheless, a romantic relationship with a Russian woman requires you to respond as a mature guy who is contributing actively rather than the well-trained kid who is trying not to cause drama or trouble.

  • You do have a choice.

Choosing is the key. I know this could look very foreign for many individuals because this can feel so uncomfortable.

When was the last time you asked for what you want?

It actually takes some courage to ask due to the conditioning.

If you can’t remember when was the last time you actually asked for what you want, then do you complain that you don’t get what you want?

How much of that is your own responsibility? How much of that is other people’s responsibility?

That takes active and deep listening to yourself, 100% trust, and totally honoring what you need in order to feel cherished, respected and loved, trusting your intuition and owning your desires and wants & then having the right skills to communicate it and let your Russian woman hear it.

Sometimes, you should put yourself last and go with what other people want. But sometimes you have to put yourself first and go with what you really want. In that case, if your Russian lady says yes, it’s a true gift for you because it’s a type of receiving.

Nobody teaches us the art of receiving. Most people think we should like whatever happens to us in life and be grateful. Yet they’ve got it backwards. Let me explain.

The question to ask yourself isn’t “Why don’t I enjoy this”; what you definitely need to ask yourself is “What is it that I truly, deeply want”. When you clearly ask for what you want, and if your Russian woman says yes, it feeds your soul and touches your heart. This all begins with listening to your inner voice.

Generosity doesn’t mean being willing to give anything. Yes, I know you long to give with a full heart and generosity. You want to give in a way that your partner feels supported, loved and satisfied. Remember: When you give what you can and not what you can’t, that’s the real definition of generosity.

As you acknowledge your limits first, you unlock your generosity within your own limits. By respecting and looking after your own limits, the magic of giving could happen.

“This is also when your Russian lady could feel safe in her asking to receive, knowing that if you say yes, the gift you give her is authentic as the ‘yes’ is 100% real and within your limits – you aren’t putting up with anything, so it’s a genuine gift.”

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