How to have lifestyle confidence when you are dating a Ukrainian woman

Ukrainian women

Lifestyle confidence refers to the daily confidence that you derive from your social circle, your hobbies, your career, and so forth. A very confident guy derives his confidence from a variety of areas in his life. Thus, when he loses his job during the pandemic, he can still derive his confidence from other areas in his life. In other words, his identity is not just his job title! Now I’d like you to ask yourself: “Which areas in my life contribute to my lifestyle confidence? Which areas do I need to work on right now?” You might even draw a matrix on a piece of paper and each box in this matrix represents 1 area in your life (hobbies, work, friends, and so on). Then it will be so much easier for you to see and find out which area requires more attention from you. When you have solid lifestyle confidence which doesn’t come from 1 single area of your life, you will feel more confident in general while dating a Ukrainian woman. 😉

  • How to derive lifestyle confidence from your career:

A guy spends about one third of his lifetime at work, so the importance of his career is obvious. Indeed, if you have a 9-to-5 job, you spend 8 hours at work every day. Therefore, you have to make sure that you’re actually happy with what you do for work. 😊

What if you are unhappy with your job? Personally, I would change my career if I don’t like it. I worked as a translator before, but I didn’t really enjoy that job, so now I am a full-time writer. ❤️ If you are thinking about changing your career now, you can get started by having a side hustle that really excites you. Your side hustle is supposed to be something that you are curious about or very passionate about. Only when your side hustle makes you enough money can you quit your day job. What if you don’t even know what your calling is? Now I’d like you to answer the following questions:

  1. What are you curious about right now?
  2. What are you good at? What do you love doing? What would the market actually pay for? The intersection of those three areas is what you should do for a living.
  3. What is obvious to you but it is amazing to other people?
  4. What did you like doing when you were about six years old?

Your answers to these questions can give you some refreshing ideas. 💡

  • How to derive lifestyle confidence from your hobbies:

Most gurus who talk about confidence almost never mention hobbies. Yet in fact, hobbies are so important that we cannot ignore them: When you are thoroughly enjoying a hobby, you’re literally spending quality time with yourself because your hobby deeply represents who you are – you don’t do it in order to get paid or impress anyone; you do it simply because you love it unconditionally and you can’t explain why you love it so much. That’s exactly why hobbies are extremely meaningful.

I highly encourage you to spend much more quality time with yourself through fully enjoying and exploring your hobby. And if you can monetize your hobby, that’s great. But you don’t really have to monetize a hobby. Your hobby can just be a hobby. ✨

Doctors have found that when you are having a good time while doing your hobby, your body naturally produces nitric oxide which is the fountain of youth because it’s a feel-good chemical. Nitric oxide improves your health and wellbeing organically. As a result, your body is able to rejuvenate well. This is the power of a hobby!

You and your Ukrainian lady don’t have to share the same hobbies. However, you and your girlfriend should have some shared activities. That means if your hobby is producing podcasts, she doesn’t have to do that with you. But maybe you and your lady can see movies together. 🍿

“Lifestyle confidence makes you emotionally independent – you have a wonderful and exciting life, so you feel confident.”

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