How to immediately improve your conversations with Ukrainian women

Ukrainian women

By genuinely engaging with a Ukrainian lady during a conversation and actually listening to her, you will surely get a lot more out of the communication. 👍

carefully listening to somebody is quite rare these days!

Many men just get lost in their head as they see a beautiful woman. You have to know what you are doing on the date. A Ukrainian lady will like you for really taking the time to authentically engage. You don’t need to pre-plan every interaction. Please listen and react naturally.

  • You shouldn’t agree with everything she says.

It’s almost impossible for you and your girlfriend to perfectly agree on everything. Honestly, if you actually agree with each other 100%, life is a bit boring, isn’t it? 😉

In actuality, through entering into a perfect agreement, you are simply people-pleasing in the most terrible manner because you are secretly hoping she will not give you a rejection.

As I see it, everybody values those who have their own sense of self. As a result, a Ukrainian lady is attracted to you for how passionate and excited you are about your own viewpoints. Frankly, even if you are a nerd, passionately advocating for what you love is still cooler than totally agreeing with whatever she says, e.g., “You are an intelligent lady, so if you learn how to build websites, you’ll love it, too. Laptops are great for other things than Google. Let me show you what I’m talking about some day.” In other words, if you impress a woman in the wrong ways, you can’t show all of your fantastic traits. I’d like to help you represent yourself better in dating and relationships so Ukrainian women will see what a great catch you are! 😊

  • Turn the small talk into an interesting conversation.

Most people don’t like the small talk; they just simply have to do it! The best way to turn the small talk into a great interaction is to be observant. But please do not just compliment a woman on her physical beauty. You would be well-advised to make a good assumption according to her style or a quality. For instance, you notice her necklace is something from overseas (this could be a city that you’ve visited, so now you could make this a connection to that city while talking about what you liked about that place). This instantly livens up the interaction and ends the small talk. Remember: please do not ask lots of dull questions that she has heard for 1,000 times previously. You’d better evoke a response that a woman could comment on. For example, cold reading is a pretty good way of arousing her interest, e.g., “You are a naturally quiet person. I reckon you must be very calm at all times.”

Ukrainian ladies will like the fact that you focus on her personality rather than her physical beauty. Now you are different from other men, so she is going to be more responsive and end the small talk. Then she is probably going to talk about who she really is as a woman. You can make the conversation interesting by saying, “I guess that you’re…”

That is to say, you build enough rapport with your lady through your curiosity and your interest in her as a person. That means you can see the world from your lady’s perspective.

What’s more, you can build further rapport by matching her posture, eye contact and the volume of her voice. When this is done in a subtle manner, she wouldn’t notice it, but she will like you a bit more! 😉

“When you understand who she really is as an individual, you’ll have an amazing connection.”

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