How to make a Ukrainian woman feel attracted to you

Ukrainian woman

It turns out that the best way to make a Ukrainian lady feel attracted to you is to make her want to impress you. In other words, to some degree, she should chase you!

  • How to use the push-pull psychology and make her want to impress you now:

When you meet a Ukrainian woman at a social event and you notice her beautiful nails. You can ask her, “Your nails are beautiful. Are they real?”

Your nails are beautiful” is obviously a compliment, so this is the pull part.

Are they real?” is a question which indicates that you doubt whether her beauty is real, so this is the push part.

In female psychology, the push part is also known as ‘neg’. Here are some other examples of negs:

  1. Are you good at cooking?’ (Not every woman can cook these days, so you should totally ask her!)
  2. Which book is your favorite book?’ (Sadly, most ladies don’t read much, so you have to ask her a question like this.)

Clearly, it can be seen that you are supposed to ask some questions that can make a woman feel that she should work hard in order to impress you. Now you can see the power of using negs in interactions with ladies.

That’s why “Your nails are beautiful. Are they real?” works really well – it’s a push-pull strategy. Actually, this strategy is used in many scenarios, including dating & relationships as well as sales & marketing.

There is another similar example of negs: “Your dress looks good. But if it’s not yellow, it will be better.”

This is a hilarious way to make her want to impress you further!

When you say that to a Ukrainian woman at a party, she will begin to invest in you because she has spent lots of time getting ready for this social event – now she really wants to find out why she isn’t attractive enough.

In this lady’s subconscious mind, she needs to chase you to some degree, for she is keen to find a way to make you feel attracted to her.

Letting her jump through hoops and prove herself to you will only make her feel attracted to you even more as she is supposed to earn your interest in her. That is a part of female psychology and human dynamics.

  • When you meet a beautiful woman, tell her that she is intelligent; when you meet an intelligent woman, tell her that she is beautiful.

Most Ukrainian ladies are pretty, so if you say “You are pretty”, this compliment isn’t very memorable – many men have said that to her in the past. So, you would be well-advised to pay her a very different compliment – “You are very smart.”

Now you become memorable as you’re quite different from most guys. Moreover, she probably wants to find out why you can’t see her beauty; as a result, she will work hard so as to further impress you.

  • If you are already in a relationship with a Ukrainian woman….

Making your girlfriend feel more attracted to you is something that you should constantly do. The fact that you are already in a relationship with her doesn’t mean you should stop attracting her!

Even if you are already married, you are supposed to keep attracting your wife as well. It is your job to maintain the spark in your marriage.

When a marriage gets very, very comfortable, there is probably more love than desire. However, a possible issue rocks up – the marriage might become way too comfortable; consequently, it does not have that spark any longer. Lack of excitement results in lack of desire. This is oftentimes the primary reason why so many marriages do not work out in the end.

A switched-on guy is a dopamine dealer in his relationship. Basically, desire generates dopamine, whilst love triggers oxytocin. Both hormones are important, but in a long-term relationship, individuals tend to lack dopamine because they are too familiar with each other. When a woman says, “We don’t seem to connect”, she is probably saying “I don’t have sufficient dopamine.” (She simply doesn’t know how she can explain it.)

“You need to be an alpha guy and offer your lady a variety of emotions that could give her enough dopamine. For example, you must own your powerful archetype and become more dominant in the interactions with her. You should totally hold your frame and stay unfazed, no matter what type of response she gives. That will surely, definitely make your lady feel more excitement as well as deep attraction for you.”

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