How to make an Eastern European woman fall for you

September 11, 2020 at 2.49am by in Slavic Women
Eastern European bride

As you are interacting with an Eastern European lady, you would be well-advised to know that she oftentimes responds very well to a wide variety of emotions, for ladies are so emotional. Let’s use an analogy: a lady wants to see the entire film, not just the climax at the end of the film. Without seeing the whole story, the ending isn’t really valuable. Does that make sense?

Give her an emotional rollercoaster.

TV shows and movies trigger the audience’s strong emotions so as to make the audience stay interested in the content. Why don’t you do it, too? 😊

A good way to trigger strong emotions is to make a lady feel extreme happiness as well as sadness within a relatively short period of time. When a lady experiences such an emotional rollercoaster, she will immediately develop an emotional dependence on the man who triggered these emotions. That is to say, this Eastern European lady will become emotionally invested in this man quickly.

Here is how to trigger strong emotions: You ask her about her precious happy moments from her life, and then celebrate that with this lady. Very quickly, you take this woman to the other extreme. You may talk about something disturbing so she will naturally empathize with you and start to talk about something hard from her life, too.

Simply repeat this process for 3 or 4 times. Such a combination helps you to build a bond with this lady fast. Basically, an emotional rollercoaster can make a lady open up, thereby causing a need to deepen that emotional connection with the man who gave her such an experience.

So, after she has talked about her joyful and sad moments with you, she will begin to see you as a confidant.

But this technique isn’t perfect; therefore, you have to be aware of the following advice:

  1. Do not trigger anger if you are a newbie in the dating department because anger may put a woman off.
  2. This technique may not work as the lady might become irritated and want to shut down. Also, what if she has read this article?

My advice for you is to begin with your own sad moments in your life, and then the lady will want to open up as well.

Use storytelling to attract women.

In order to master the art of storytelling, you have to prepare some compelling materials in the first place. I would like to encourage you to be an avid reader as leaders are readers. Let’s say you read a book per week/fortnight; you will surely have lots of engaging things to discuss. Hence, you may build a reading list and start to read more. Then you won’t run out of things to say when you talk to an Eastern European lady. I think you can read a range of categories, i.e. culture, fitness, business, politics, communication, tourism, and so forth.

As you’re telling a story, please vary your pace accordingly. Sometimes you slow down. Sometimes you speed up. Sometimes the speed is normal. Sometimes you suddenly pause and say this to the lady, “So, I’m curious [pause again and ask a question like ‘What decision would you make if you were in my situation?’]” Then this lady will pay even more attention to what you are talking about as this is a powerful hook that keeps her interested.

In your story, there should be a few unanswered questions. I think the best example is the popular TV show Desperate Housewives in which there are several unanswered questions in every season. Let’s look at this example below:

Last week, I was booking a flight on the telephone. Interestingly, the individual with an Australian accent told me that they aren’t even accepting telephone booking any longer as I must book the flight online.”

In this example, there are a few unanswered questions: “Why can’t you book the flight on the phone now?” “What’s the main difference between booking the flight online and booking the flight on the telephone?” & “Where were you planning to visit?”

What’s more, you would be well-advised to work on your sub-communication when you talk to an Eastern European lady. Sub-communication means anything that is literally implied rather than said directly. It includes your facial expression, your tone, eye contact, and so forth. When the sub-communication is right, the story becomes more interesting. By contrast, if the sub-communication is wrong, the story is a waste of time.

Last but not least, you have to give your story a memorable ending, e.g. a great punchline.

Here are some examples:

  1. That’s exactly how to turn irritating anxiety into beautiful relaxation.”
  2. “My conclusion is: never trust a crazy teenager.”
  3. “I prefer first class and business class where I am able to network with other businessmen on the plane – I’m a frequent flyer.”

Enjoy virtual dates:

Do you know that offers a unique video chat feature and translation service? Moreover, Eastern European ladies on our website are learning English every day!

So, if you are ready for a virtual date, please consider some of the following ideas so that your virtual date will be more meaningful.

  1. Truth or Dare:

Instead of talking with her endlessly, why don’t you play a classic game True or Dare? For instance, Truth: When did you last eat in a restaurant by yourself? Dare: Show me what’s on your bookshelf right now!

2. A Netflix party:

Recently, Netflix has taken their Netflix & Chill to a new level – you can watch a film with a lady on Netflix while chatting with her on the screen at the same time. It’s a 2-person party on Netflix!

3. A book club:

Choose a book that you and your lady both like and read the book at the same time. Select a date to finish the book by and organize a 2-person book club. Oh, by the way, please do not forget cheese and wine. I think this idea is better than the 2-person Netflix party as a book club allows you to have more thought-provoking, intelligent and in-depth conversations with the elegant Eastern European woman.

Final advice for switched-on men looking for love:

Words are relatively cheap.

When a person says “I love you” for one hundred times per day without real action which suggests they actually love you, it’s so meaningless.

Hence, the ideal way to evaluate how much she loves you is to assess how much she invests in the relationship.

For example, if your Eastern European girlfriend does something super nice for you, you can go out of your way to impress her. Now you are using positive reinforcement to encourage her to treat you well, for her positive behavior has been rewarded.

Just see the amount of emotional connection grow in your relationship. 😉

“Always choose respect, as liking you is far from enough.”

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