How to make an Eastern European woman like you

Eastern European women

Some men might feel slightly anxious when they talk to women that they are attracted to. Let me make this easier for you today! 😊

  • Eastern European women like men who talk naturally.

If a lady feels like a guy treats her radically differently simply because she is an attractive woman, she will probably feel a bit uncomfortable because that is not natural. Please let me explain.

First of all, if you are treating her differently based on the fact that she is a beautiful woman, it means you aren’t experienced with women at all. That’s why you become so excited about talking with her.

Second, she hasn’t even proven herself yet, and you are already treating her so differently. That’s a bit strange.

Third, you don’t even know her personality yet, but you are already assuming she is amazing just because of her looks.

Therefore, you must let go of the fact that she is attractive. Truthfully, attractive people are not uncommon. What’s more, good looks are totally subjective. What you think is beautiful other people might think is average!

So, chances are this woman didn’t wake up today and think, “Oh. I am attractive.” In fact, she might wake up thinking of the deadline of a project at work, her car, her sister, why she can’t find her glasses, etc.

In reality, an Eastern European woman wouldn’t want to date a man unless he has connected to her emotionally. (You may want to write this sentence down!) ✨

  • How to connect with an Eastern European woman:

Connecting to a lady gets the date! Here is how:

Of course, the first step is to make sure that you talk to her like a normal individual. Relax!

In the second place, you can connect with her by finding commonality. Perhaps both of you like listening to pop songs from the 90s? Maybe you and this lady both enjoy going to the gym? These are all fantastic. But what’s more important is connecting to the lady about who you really are because what you like is still too basic. Let me explain.

Oh. You like going to the movies? Great. I like going to the movies as well.” – This is fine.

Yup. I feel the same way. Whenever I need some time alone, I simply read a good book at home. This gives me time to improve myself. I like that.” – This is better as you are relating to who she really is as an individual. Now she feels the same feelings! ❤️

Next, you need to have compatibility in this relationship – not all character types blend perfectly. Just because she is beautiful does not necessarily mean the relationship is going to be right.

Find out what she does in her spare time. This reveals her true values. In order to have a sustainable relationship, your values and her values must be at least compatible.

In addition, comfort is key. On a date, you have to make her feel comfortable and safe physically and emotionally. By that I mean you must give her sufficient space, e.g., you stand/sit a meter or so back from the lady until she feels comfortable for you to get closer. Also, you’d better make her feel that she can talk quite freely without being judged by you. Truthfully, whenever you notice a lady not telling you the entire story, it means she doesn’t feel emotionally comfortable or safe. Here is a typical example:

WOMAN: “I learned swimming when I was 19 years old… Oh. Forget it. Don’t worry about that!

MAN: “Now I’m curious. It’s okay if the swimming lesson was embarrassing. No judgement from me.”

Finally, you would be well-advised to be interested and interesting at the same time. Yes, you should show genuine interest in the Eastern European lady, but meanwhile, you need to be an interesting guy as well. Let me show you an example:

MAN: “I was about to tell you why I started that business, but it’s a very long story. I guess I’ll simply save that story for our next date.” – Now you are mysterious and interesting, so she will look forward to seeing you again! 💑

“Being able to talk naturally to a lady is of vital importance.”

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