How to reignite the spark in a long-term romantic international relationship

July 11, 2021 at 9.06am by in Dating advice
international relationship

Finding a partner is different from keeping a partner. In order to keep a partner, you have to master a variety of skills. I know many people who are good at attracting others, but they can’t stay in love because attracting someone is very, very different from keeping someone in the long term. So, if you are in a long-term international relationship, you may want to keep the spark alive!

  • Order VS Chaos

We all know the stability as well as a sense of security / belonging in a serious relationship. Those are very important. However, if you are too familiar with your partner and what they do, the romantic relationship may become stagnant and less sparky. Thus, you probably should reignite passion in your relationship.

Stability, a sense of security and a sense of belonging contribute to order in a relationship. Order is the real foundation of a meaningful relationship. Order is also the primary human need.

Nevertheless, the second most paramount human need is chaos, e.g., when challenges and variety are present, a romantic relationship remains interesting. As a result, injecting some chaos into a long-term relationship is key. For instance, sometimes you should totally travel with your partner so you will always have shared experiences that excite both of you. Also, you could surprise your partner in a good manner once in a while – giving her gifts, hosting a birthday party, and so on.

When you combine order with chaos, your international relationship stays sparky because the attraction is surely intense & Chemistry has a capital C.

  • Don’t stop dating your lady.

Usually, when a couple has been together for several years, they have already got used to the relatively boring routine. In reality, a smart couple do not stop dating each other. They oftentimes schedule a date night at least once a fortnight and learn something new about their partner.

A date night might include slowly and mindfully cooking together in your kitchen and then having a candle light dinner at home. Of course, slowly dancing in the sitting room with the lights off is another great idea.

Remember: imagination fuels desire. Why not add some role-play to your international relationship? You and your lady can go to a club together and pretend to meet for the first time. A study reveals that role-play like this may keep things exciting in a long-term romantic relationship. It also helps you remain faithful!

My personal favorite is reading a romantic novel with my partner. Both my partner and I explore and enjoy the reading material; we discuss our insights and understanding of the story. Clearly, the novel gives us more imagination in our relationship. Small wonder this romance becomes better and better as time goes by.

  • Try novel experiences that you are genuinely curious about.

You cannot say you dislike noodles if you have never tried noodles. Likewise, you cannot say you hate an experience if you have never done it.

When there is something new or interesting for you to try, you answer does not have to be YES / NO. Actually, at times your answer can be ‘why not?’

Examples of novel experiences:

  1. Go to the beach at night with your Eastern European lady. Observe the stars together. Ask her, “Which star do you like? I will get it for you.” As she is thinking about what to say, you take out a jewelry box in which there is a diamond ring that shines like a star. This is more creative than the standard proposal on Valentine’s Day.
  1. Eat in a different restaurant every month. The dinner dates should have some variety.
  1. Start a business with your Eastern European lady. This is very practical these days because most businesses are online now – the Internet isn’t a 75-year-old privileged straight White man (gatekeeper). 😊

“A long-term romantic relationship does not have to be dull. It is your responsibility to keep the spark alive in your relationship. Always explore what you are curious about so that you keep discovering new and exciting things about your partner.”

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