How to Solve Relationship Problems without Breaking Up

August 5, 2019 at 12.52pm by in Dating advice
relationship problems

A perfect relationship doesn’t exist. You can never find a couple who doesn’t run into some bumps or doesn’t have to deal with some rough patches. Each and every relationship has its ups and downs. And if you feel like your relationship is on the brink and have been going through a lot of arguments and misunderstandings lately, you are not alone. Not only are relationship problems exhausting but they can be emotionally and mentally draining, too. However, contrary to what many people resort to doing, breaking up and giving up on each other shouldn’t be the immediate solution. Read on and learn how to solve relationship problems without breaking up.

Don’t think about leaving the relationship

We always want the easy way out. We feel so bad about the relationship that we just want to escape and leave the stressful situation behind. Then, days will go by and you’ll ask yourself whether or not you made the right decision.

If there’s any question you need to ask yourself, it should be “how badly do I want to save our relationship?” Before making any abrupt decision, think about how much you love the person and how much you value your relationship. If you have to think about it a hundred times over, go ahead and do it. If you want to grow together rather than grow apart, don’t even think about giving up.

Accept the fact that your relationship isn’t perfect

No relationship is perfect and yours doesn’t have to be either. This is the real world and not a fairy tale and that’s okay. You and your partner are just humans capable of making mistakes and wrong decisions sometimes.

Confront your relationship problems

Instead of turning your back to your relationship problems, face them head-on. Find the best time to sit down with your partner and confront whatever is causing the issues. At this point, it’s extremely important to be honest to yourselves and to each other. Lay all the cards on the table and share the things you both love and dislike about each other. Take turns and listen attentively. Be receptive to each other’s feedback. As you go through this process, embrace the fact that both you and your partner are not perfect individuals. Therefore, you have to decide what things can be forgiven and let go of and the ones that stand as the dealbreakers.

Don’t play the blame game

It’s true what they say, that it takes two to tango. Whatever happens in your relationship is the result of the actions of two people – you and your partner. You are both responsible for what happened, what is happening and what will happen in the future. Instead of putting all the blame to your partner, ask yourself if you are doing your part. Was there anything you’ve done that drove them to make those mistakes? How did you react afterward?

While it’s important to recognize your role in the problem, it’s equally important to accept the fact that people will still mess up even if you did everything right. In situations like this, remember never to blame yourself especially when you know you’ve done everything to make things right.

Give each other space

Don’t force conversations when things are still heated and you and your partner are still not in the mood for talking. Let the anger and emotions subside before trying to resolve your issues. Give each other adequate space and time to collect and process thoughts. Silence can help both of you calm down so you can think things over. No one should decide how long the break should take, both you and your partner should take all the time you need.

Have faith in your love

When you reach a point in your relationship where giving up is the easiest thing to do, don’t. Increase understanding, stretch your patience a little further and have a little more faith. All couples go through problems and challenges but the ones who surpassed everything in the end are those who had faith in their love and relationship.

No one has a perfect love story and that’s okay. Problems and rough patches will always be there to test your bond. At the end of the day, what matters is how you hold on to each other and how you solve your relationship problems without breaking up.

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