How to stand out and be outstanding: online dating advice

Slavic women

Apart from your dating profile photo and description, you must focus on your conversational skills when it comes to online dating. Now I’m going to share some top communication skills in the Internet dating space with you.

  • Ask her wonderful questions that build attraction quickly.

If you’d like a Slavic woman to invest in the interaction, you have to ask her wonderful questions that give her a lot of conversational threads.

Wonderful Question 1: “What moves you most and even makes you cry?”

She might start to talk about her favorite movie The Reader. Or perhaps she will begin to talk about her favorite song Where You Want to Be. These are great conversational threads because she will tell you what makes her feel deeply moved. Therefore, you can build the emotional connection with her instantly.

Remember: Dating isn’t really about analytical thinking or reasoning; it’s more about feeling the emotions.

Wonderful Question 2: “Do you enjoy going to huge parties or would you prefer spending time in a small group or alone?”

As I’m typing this article right now, I’m spending time alone on Christmas Day because 2020 is a very special year. I still remember what Christmas used to be like B.C. (before coronavirus) – lots of big parties! However, this year is best characterized by social distancing and a lot of ‘me time’ at home.

Do I enjoy spending time alone? Truthfully, yes, I do. I know many people pretend to be happy when they are alone. But I actually like spending time alone because I’m a typical Scorpio! 😉

Wonderful Question 3: “What’s a purely random fact about you?”

Since I’m a Slavic woman, please let me answer this question: a random fact about me is I drink almond milk rather than milk. That seems to cure reflux! 😊

  • Ask her memorable questions so that the interaction becomes unforgettable.

Every unforgettable interaction is characterized by very memorable conversations. 

Memorable Question 1: “What is the best thing you’ve bought in 2020/2021?”

Apparently, because of COVID-19, the economy isn’t great. Consequently, many people have stopped buying random things. For example, before 2020, I would buy some books, DVDs or online programs every year. But in 2020, I didn’t buy any of those, even though I have to be intellectually stimulated regularly. Obviously, I also have to make sure that I can cope with what’s happening in the current economy. As a result, I simply watch free videos on the Internet – surprisingly, I feel just as satisfied! 

Memorable Question 2: “What is the hidden talent that you have?”

Okay. As a Slavic woman, I can proudly say that my hidden talent is artistic expression.

Memorable Question 3: “Do you have a mantra or a quote that you would like to recommend to other people?”

My favorite mantra/quote is “Memories are designed to fade” which means the more you remember, the sadder you feel – this is especially helpful in terms of letting go.

There is a difference between forgiving someone and letting things go. I think letting go is much more powerful.

  • Ask her one-of-a-kind questions.

Unique questions usually work really well when you talk to a Slavic lady.

One-of-a-kind Question 1: “What is the kindest thing that someone has done for you?”

Frankly, the kindest thing that somebody has done for me is giving me a job one year after the job interview! At that time, I was on the verge of quitting a job that I hated. Suddenly, I received an email from someone who was keen to hire me – he interviewed me one year ago!

One-of-a-kind Question 2: “If we slow dance, which song should be our background music?”

Great question. My choice is Tonight, I Celebrate My Love.

One-of-a-kind Question 3: “Which scene in a movie would you remember forever?”

I will always remember when Jack falls into the ocean – that is the most memorable scene in Titanic. It tells me that life is short, so I must make every day count.

“In an interaction, if your Slavic girlfriend rejects you to some degree, please don’t become angry. You must give her a calibrated response. Remember: If you are pissed off due to the rejection, she will not want to be around you anymore. However, if you are okay with the rejection, she will feel great relief as well as trust & then think, ‘Wow. He can take this from me.’ In other words, your unfazeable stillness will be extremely powerful. After that, you are still the wonderful person that women would admire. You still bring passion to everything you do. That’s how you turn the tables!”

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