How to Start Dating Again After a Heartbreak

September 4, 2019 at 2.50pm by in Dating advice
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Maybe there are still a lot of things in life that are worse than heartbreak. But even if it’s true, it still doesn’t make a heartbreak any less painful. Getting one’s heart torn into a million pieces is devastating. It is so shattering, that you can only wish to sleep through the entire process and wake up feeling okay again. But no, that’s not the case. Navigating the murky waters is part of the healing phase. And when you finally think you’re ready to get out there, getting back to the dating scene can be tricky. Especially when you’re worried about getting your heart broken once again. It may not be easy but taking another chance at love is definitely going to be worth it. Read on for some helpful tips on how to start dating after a heartbreak.

Prioritize self-care

If there’s anything you shouldn’t be taking for granted before going back to dating, it’s self-care. Be sure to take good care of your mind and body as this affects your emotional state, too. Being physically and mentally healthy helps stabilize and regulate emotions. It can also help you think logically so you can make better and more sound decisions. Make it a point to treat yourself to anything that makes you happy. Whether it’s a really good massage or satisfying comfort food, self-love is a quick cure to emotional pain.

Stay positive

Having gone through a difficult breakup is enough to put anyone’s spirits down when it comes to love and relationships. You might not even want to consider starting all over again after all the trauma and pain. But when you’re ready to take another shot at love, keeping a positive mindset is imperative. Adopting a positive mindset can help increase your likelihood of getting a positive outcome. Try to see things through rose-colored glasses. After all, love is a beautiful thing and it’s always worth taking a risk for.

Take as much time you need to heal

Love and relationships aren’t a race. There’s no need to rush back into dating when you’re not completely healed yet. Otherwise, you might end up with another failing relationship. Are you done drunk texting your ex on the lonely nights? Or do you still stalk them on their social media accounts? Do you still cry yourself to sleep at night or find it hard to keep a straight face at the mention of their name? If these signs are still present, chances are you’re still not over your ex and need more time to heal. And that’s okay. Nobody said you should be done recovering from that dark phase in 3 months anyway.

Reflect on your past relationship

Make the most of your recovery time to reflect on your past relationship. Look back and evaluate why the relationship didn’t work. Think about what went wrong and look for opportunities to learn. Use these things to make it better on the next relationship.

Also, determine what you want and don’t want in your next partner and relationship. Not only will this help you identify “non-negotiables” in your next relationship but it will also help you focus on finding the kind of relationship that’s perfect for you.

Take it slow

Finally starting to get your feet back in the dating game? Take things slow. There’s no need to feel pressured when it comes to taking the relationship to the next level. Take time to get to know a new person better. It’s perfectly fine to start out by being friends. And if you don’t think that the relationship is going to work out, it’s fine. Don’t jump into trying to find another date right off the bat.

Continue to enjoy your life outside dating

While it’s strongly encouraged that you open your heart to love again even after a heartbreak, it’s also equally important to focus on other things besides dating. There are so many other things in life that can keep you happy while finding the right one. Embrace the space and freedom you enjoy while you’re still single. Spend time with friends and family. Do the things you love, the ones you are passionate about!

A heartbreaking relationship often leaves a person traumatized and hopeless. But things are going to get better. You will eventually see a spark of hope. And when that happens, you know you’re ready to love again.

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