How to take action, achieve what you want and date a Ukrainian woman

Ukrainian women

A growth-driven individual becomes a different person / a changed person regularly because they keep learning new things, finding new friends and visiting exciting places. In contrast, a mediocre individual’s life is stagnant – they still hang out with their friends that they met 20 years ago. Don’t get me wrong. It’s perfectly fine to hang out with the same friends for decades; I’m just saying your social circle shouldn’t stay stagnant – you need to meet new people and upgrade your network. When you have new friends, they can introduce new people to you – that’s how you build a powerful network. But sadly, many men spend most of their time overthinking situations during this uncertain period of time which is characterized by COVID-19. So, how can we think less and get stuff done?

  • How to think less and live more:

Obviously, I write blog posts frequently. I can write so many articles fast because I begin to write and then I figure out what I will write. Please let me explain.

Here are 2 ways to write blog posts:

  1. Think of what to write, and then write that.
  • Begin before you’re ready. Just start on the laptop and then you will know what you’re thinking of & writing about.

A major study shows that the majority of productive writers belong to the 2nd category – they simply start writing and then gradually they figure out what they want to express, as writers who belong to the 1st category tend to be trapped in too much overthinking – no wonder some of them can’t start, let alone getting things done.

For example, I’ve already written 2 blog posts today. When I was writing the very first blog post, I knew what I planned to write about before I started typing on my computer, which is okay, as I am familiar with the topic. However, when I was working on the 2nd blog post, I only knew what I should write about in the first section, then I quickly figured out the information in the second section after completing the first section. Right now, I’m typing the 3rd blog post – actually, I didn’t know what I should write about in the 3rd article when I started a new document; nonetheless, now I’ve already written 400 words and I know the information is solid so far – that’s an example of getting started without too much overthinking beforehand.

Frankly, I love the process of writing the 3rd blog post as having fun with the unknown is stimulating and fascinating!

Similarly, if you tend to overthink situations in dating and relationships, you would be well-advised to take action without overthinking. Can you chat with Ukrainian women without following a certain script? Can you communicate with ladies without judgement? Can you love her without anxiety? Can you act without fear?

Ukrainian women
Ukrainian women
  • How to worry less and love more:

Do you know that Facebook was invented in order to help men meet women at Harvard University? In truth, Mark Zuckerberg never planned to make Facebook a tremendously successful company. Nevertheless, Facebook has become one of the most influential companies on the planet.

It turns out that Mark Zuckerberg simply started somewhere. He certainly didn’t write a 1,001-page business plan in the first place.

Well, if Mark Zuckerberg had literally spent 3 years overthinking his gig, this world probably wouldn’t even have the most successful social media app now.

It is clear that in order to get things done, you shouldn’t get caught up in your thoughts. Ideally, you must take action after accepting potential risks. Remember: perfection is a joke because it doesn’t even exist. There are always risks in life no matter what you do.

At a typical job interview, the employer often asks the candidate, “What is your personal weakness?

A candidate that wants to impress the employer may say, “I am a perfectionist.”

Unfortunately, a switched-on employer wouldn’t be impressed as they would rather hire somebody who admits that they overthink situations because at least they are quite honest with the employer.

Therefore, when you chat with a Ukrainian woman, please don’t worry about what to say next. Just express yourself honestly.

By the way, I am pretty sure that not everybody will like this blog post, but that’s fine. I hope this imperfect blog post which has been written without any overthinking can help you eliminate overthinking to some extent and date a Ukrainian woman that you genuinely like. You are welcome.

“Here is our guide to worrying less and loving more.”

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