How to talk to an Eastern European lady on the first date

December 22, 2021 at 10.12am by in Dating advice
Eastern European women

The fastest way to make a woman smile is to pay her an effective compliment. Yes, compliments can give you extraordinary results under the radar!

  • Never overuse compliments.

When I was much younger, I was a sales assistant in a department store. I remember a guy went to my counter and returned the skirt that he bought for his wife because “she doesn’t like it very much”. When I said “You could buy her a scarf or jewelry – those are usually more suitable because you don’t need to worry about the size,” he said “I’ve done all of those already.” Then I realized that because he had given his wife too many gifts, they began to lose their meaning and value to her.

Likewise, compliments can lose their value and meaning when you over-give them. Therefore, you’d better use compliments sparingly when you are on a date with a woman.

Frankly, when you bombard a woman with flattery and overuse compliments, it seems that you try to flatter her into liking you because you want something from her. That becomes a big turn-off immediately as now you probably look like a fan. Note that high-value ladies only date their equals; they don’t date their fans.

Many years ago, when Darren Hayes married his husband, he said, “Richard is definitely my equal.” Recently, Darren Hayes’s husband is the winner of a major competition in his industry, so Darren says, “I married up.” Clearly, celebrities only date and marry their equals, not their fans! The psychology applies to most dating situations and relationships – people want to be with their equals rather than their fans when it comes to love.

What’s more, you would be well-advised to avoid generic compliments. Hence, compliments such as “You are so beautiful” and “You are gorgeous” are ineffective.  Also, these compliments are quite superficial, so you will possibly end up in the fan category. Obviously, you don’t want to look desperate to win a woman’s approval.

Next, please don’t justify or explain the compliment. If you say, “I like your makeup. The eyeshadow matches the color of your eyes so well”, you will sound like her best friend rather than someone that she would like to date. When you over justify or over-explain what you’ve said or done, it only means you are not secure in what you have said or done. Lack of confidence makes you over justify your actions and over-explain yourself. 

Eastern European women
  • Only give her 1 or 2 compliments on a date.

Don’t hurry through these compliments. If you pay her two compliments on a date, make sure that you maximize the effect of each compliment. 😉


When you are about to give the Eastern European lady a compliment, you can pause the conversation and say, “I’m afraid I have to stop you here. You truly light up while talking about fashion design. I’m sure it must be something important to you. Sorry for interrupting.”

The intensity of this compliment makes her pay attention to every word you say. Plus, because it is a very personal compliment, the message will resonate with the lady much more than a simple and generic compliment like “Your smile is beautiful”.

  • Is she contributing to the interaction?

First of all, please avoid complimenting Eastern European women on their looks. Most individuals would feel a stronger connection when they are complimented for something deeper or something that they have put some effort into. 

As a result, if the Eastern European lady is making an effort by maintaining good eye contact on the date, you should reward her good behavior by saying, “I like the fact that you maintain great eye contact. That means you have excellent communication skills.”

By the way, sometimes the most powerful compliment is about something unusual, for drawing attention to something interesting or unusual indicates emotional connection – you can say, “I rarely speak so openly. I didn’t expect I would tell you this on our first date.”

Another typical example is, “I don’t meet interesting individuals like you often.” Now she understands that you appreciate her for who she really is. 😊

“Women want to feel valued.”

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