How to thrive in the COVID economy & find an international relationship

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The current COVID economy has made a lot of people lose their jobs. Dr. Steven Phillipson is a well-known psychologist in New York City. He argues that unemployment is a mental health issue & not having a relationship is also a mental health problem – that’s because a person needs to have a structured life in order to maintain mentally healthy. Unfortunately, someone who doesn’t have a job tends to lack a structure in life. Also, someone who doesn’t have a relationship also usually can’t live a structured life. “An individual should have a job to go to each day, and when they go home, there needs to be a relationship after work,” says Dr. Steve Phillipson, “That’s the foundation of good mental health.”

When you have to figure out your career first….

A large number of people have lost their jobs because of the pandemic. Therefore, it is paramount to focus on finding a new job these days. Indeed, when you have a real job, you feel more relaxed and confident in other areas of your life, including your dating and relationships.

Here are some top tips that will help you get a new job:

  1. Make sure your resume isn’t too long. Remember: a very long resume looks overwhelming, so you should delete irrelevant work experience when necessary. The hiring manager is only looking for keywords that they need.
  2. Your cover letter has to be about the company that you would like to work for rather than yourself. Think about how you can add value to this company while writing the cover letter.
  3. Most people spend 80% of their time sending resumes and cover letters to employers on the Internet and only spend 20% of their time networking. That’s actually a mistake. In fact, you should do the opposite – spend 80% of your time networking and only spend 20% of your time sending applications online. That’s because at least 70% of jobs are in the hidden job market, i.e., most jobs are not even advertised online – employers trust people that they know, so if someone can recommend you, that would be better.
  4. If you are unemployed or only work part-time, you probably need to spend about 40 hours per week looking for a job. I know this sounds like too many hours, but it’s a must in the current COVID economy.
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How to look after your mental health during the pandemic:

If you would like to find a decent job and a satisfying international relationship, you have to take care of your mental health during the current pandemic, because good mental health is the prerequisite of success.

Now I’d like to share with you some tips in this regard as well:

  1. Many people overthink at home these days because they either work from home (have the same routine every day) or have lost their jobs (stay at home while being alone or feeling lonely). Clearly, if you are ruminating on your past mistakes, childhood trauma, and so on, you are not alone, as many people are having the same experience when times are tough. Now what you should do is to realize that there is nobody to forgive because you have become a stronger, wiser person due to your past. Without adversity, you wouldn’t become who you are today – now you are a mature and enlightened person because of what happened in the past. (Personally, I don’t believe in forgiveness because forgiveness is just like hiding something bad in the corner of a room and it still reminds you of negativity. In truth, I believe that there is no one to forgive as your past has made you a better person today – you learned valuable lessons from your past; you decided to transform your life because of your past.) Note that people who didn’t have adversity in the past oftentimes lack a sense of urgency – that’s why they are less capable, insightful and successful now.
  2. You need variety in your daily routine in order to improve your mental health, so why not try play therapy? Have some fun; smell the roses; spend quality time with your family and friends!

How to find an international relationship:

Nowadays online dating is the best way to find an international relationship:

  1. Join a reliable dating site such as which introduces genuine Slavic ladies to men like you.
  2. It is your responsibility to contact ladies online first! Please note that offers an audio and video chat feature as well as automatic translation. Also, Slavic women on this dating site are proactively learning English each day.

“Every lady is interviewed by to make sure that she is genuine and is looking for a real relationship.”

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