How to be the winner in international dating: Value investment over admiration

January 4, 2022 at 9.16am by in Dating advice
international dating

Please don’t invest in somebody based on how much you are attracted to that person. Invest in somebody based on how much she invests in you. Of course, you are a guy and you are supposed to initiate the interaction, so if you start the communication first, you have to invest and test. Remember this basic principle: Always value investment over admiration.

international dating
  • How to flirt with her on the first date:

If you are an analytical guy and find it a bit hard to flirt with women, please put less pressure on every interaction. When you freeze up on a date, chances are you come from a place of “I need to impress her” which makes you stop being yourself and want to run away. In my opinion, the solution is practicing flirting with more women than you normally would, because you must warm up your muscles frequently to the point where you feel very comfortable and are able to switch on your flirtatious character whenever you want, as a good candidate can be anywhere. Remember to lead with your energy. Do not wait for women to react in a particular way. Just be spontaneous and playful so that you can flirt while enjoying it. You don’t need to seek a reaction from a woman.

Here is how to relax on a date: When you merely focus on the beautiful woman sitting in front of you, you basically psyche yourself out and might get stuck in your head. Yet if you only focus on practicing your communication skills, trying new approaches and treating this interaction as a high school playground where you can mess around a little bit and learn much more, you will not be nervous at all. You could be stuck in a long-term identity of ‘I am the serious/professional guy, so I can’t be a flirty guy.” But you are possibly lying, for every man can bring out very different sides of himself. That is exactly what makes men complex and fascinating individuals.

international dating
  • How to create unstoppable attraction on the 1st date:

First of all, you should flirt with her by being spontaneous, fun and playful. Have a good sense of humor, please!

In the second place, you would be well-advised to show that tiny hint a bit more. Yes, she needs to know that you like her. When you show that hint more, you bring desire to the communication, e.g., “You look really good in red.” & “You have great dimples when you smile.”

Thirdly, you’d better create some perceived challenge by asking the right questions like “Are you good at cooking?” & “Are you a city lady or a beach lady?”

  • How to keep a long-term relationship exciting:

Once you start a long-term relationship with a lady, it’s your responsibility to keep your relationship interesting and exciting. Theoretically, you are attracted to somebody in the long run when you actually have desire as well as comfort in the dynamics. Most couples just go for comfort and ignore desire when they are together for a long time. However, in reality, you need parts of somebody you know and truly love, and also parts of somebody that constantly left to explore and discover. If you are absolutely predictable, there’s nothing intriguing left to figure out. As a result, you must keep evolving and growing. Hence, you shouldn’t be totally predictable.

Here are 3 places you could be more adventurous: A) your hobbies and interests; B) your actions and behavior; C) your personality. When you add adventure to your romantic relationship, you definitely have something fun to bring to your lady.

By the way, if you are still at the international dating stage and you are serious about having a long-term relationship with a lady, you must look at these criteria in the first place: A) She needs to be emotionally available right now. B) She needs to want to pursue something serious in love. C) She needs to plan to be with you.

Of course, all ladies on Simply Dating are genuine ladies looking for true love, so they are all looking for serious relationships here. 

“Everyone on is looking for a long-term relationship.”

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